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How we can help you

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Find the right talent

We’re dedicated to finding you the right talent for your business, focusing on ambitious and engaged individuals to bridge skill gaps, and drive changes in your organisation.

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Create a more diverse workforce

We aim to help you create a more diverse workforce, ensuring you have all the skills and knowledge you need to grow your business.

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Support from start to finish

Kaplan is here for you throughout the entire recruitment process - from advertising vacancies to shortlisting candidates, preparing them for interviews, and making sure they’re the best fit.

Free of charge

Our service is free of charge for any employer who also uses Kaplan as their apprenticeship training provider.

Find your perfect match


Indentify suitable roles

We’ll work with you to narrow down what skills gaps you have, which role profiles will suit your company at this particular time, and whether the role you have is suitable for an apprenticeship. We’ll collaborate with you to find the best candidate, making sure you and your apprentice are the perfect fit.


Promote vacancies

We will promote your vacancy across multiple networks including local schools and colleges, and national recruitment websites, as well as our dedicated candidate pool. We’ll make sure your organisation, and job opportunities, are seen by as many suitable individuals as possible.


Shortlist candidates

Then we’ll screen and shortlist candidates against qualifying criteria, before providing a shortlist of candidates to be considered for interview. We’ll make sure you only get the right CVs across your desk.

Create a diverse workforce

Apprenticeships create opportunities for individuals from a broad range of backgrounds to enter the workplace in fields of expertise which may not have previously been accessible owing to prior knowledge, education or experience. Having a more diverse team is proven to bring a wealth of business benefits.

  • 24% of Kaplan apprentices are from non-white backgrounds

    10% above the national average.
  • And 24% of our apprentices live in the most disadvantaged areas

    4% above the national average.
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Speech marks

"Apprenticeships offer more opportunities to more people. We did an impact study and found that there is greater diversity in parts of the business where apprenticeships are prevalent."

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How we support our partners and their candidates

  • We’ll keep you up to date throughout the recruitment process - giving you regular updates and answering any questions you may have.
  • We will give candidates any feedback, and liaise with successful applicants.
  • Then we’ll support your new talent through their onboarding process, making sure that they’re ready to join your business, full of enthusiasm for their next steps.
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