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How to manage multiple job offers

If you’ve been working hard when applying for several jobs, and you’ve now received multiple job offers - it can be a difficult decision to make! Here are some of our tips for managing multiple job offers.

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Samantha Mitcham with Kaplan’s Learn Better podcast

Growing your practice with social media

This episode features guest, Samantha Mitcham, who built her accountancy practice from nothing, with a very intentional social media strategy.

Kaplan · 6 minute read

Joe Fisher on Learn Better Podcast

Uncovering the world of money laundering

This episode of our Learn Better podcast features guest, Joe Fisher, who reveals all about his career as a Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

Kaplan · 5 minute read

Ian Pay

Data: The window to the future

In this episode of our Learn Better podcast, Stuart Pedley-Smith and guest, Ian Pay, discuss the importance of data within the field of accounting.

Kaplan · 4 minute read

Desk with digital graphics

What is a Digital Product Manager? A simple guide

Our exciting, new Digital Product Manager apprenticeship is now open for professionals to embark on their new careers or upskill in their current field. Here’s a guide into what a Digital Product Manager is.