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How to manage multiple job offers

If you’ve been working hard when applying for several jobs, and you’ve now received multiple job offers - it can be a difficult decision to make! Here are some of our tips for managing multiple job offers.

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Moving on from AAT to ACCA

For those who have completed their AAT qualification, now may be the time to consider the move to ACCA.


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Moving on from AAT to CIMA

We’ve listed a few things to think about to help you decide if CIMA is the right direction for you.

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What can I do after CIMA?

CIMA is a globally recognised qualification, meaning that you can work in many areas of the world, and in any sector you choose. Here are some options to think about.



What job can I get with ACCA?

ACCA is widely accepted as one of the best accountancy qualifications, so we wanted to show you just what roles could be available to you.


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How does CPD work for AAT?

Continuing Professional lDevelopment allows you to keep your skills and knowledge up to date with any relevant changes within the industry. Find out more.


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Accountancy around the world

In this episode we look into accountancy around the world and the options accountancy qualifications give you to work abroad.