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How to manage multiple job offers

If you’ve been working hard when applying for several jobs, and you’ve now received multiple job offers - it can be a difficult decision to make! Here are some of our tips for managing multiple job offers.

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What can you earn with CIMA?

There are many benefits to studying for a CIMA qualification, from learning real-life skills and competencies to becoming more attractive to employers. A CIMA qualification will also considerably boost your earning potential.



AAT qualified jobs and salaries by level

There are just so many jobs to choose from when you’re AAT qualified - you can really pick what you feel suits you best. AAT is an accountancy qualification that makes you instantly more employable, leading to a great career.


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How does CPD work for ACCA?

Every ACCA member has to complete continuing professional development, every year, to keep up with learning and progress in their career.