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Our six step approach

We learn about your organisation

We learn about your organisation

We work with you to understand your needs and barriers, identifying skills gaps at all levels, creating recommendations for education and development solutions to support business goals. We’ll ensure that we understand your objectives and requirements to make sure what we offer is the right solution for your people.

We won’t try and sell you something you don’t need - we know your time and money is valuable so will only suggest solutions that are necessary and will work for you to achieve the best results.

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We learn about your organisation

We create the perfect solution

Whether it’s new or off the shelf, fully tailored apprenticeship, or a short course - we will ensure what we develop complements your existing internal training, are the right programmes for the right people, and all have immediate impact and ROI metrics.

How we design our programmes
Don't worry about the detail - we'll look after it

Don’t worry about the detail - we’ll look after it

With an unrivalled range of flexible delivery options, proven to achieve results, we know the granular detail of our specific programmes so you don’t have to. We can recommend the ideal solution, and you can be confident that the way we have designed our programmes will ensure success.

Our creativity and innovation
We'll get you started and do the admin

We’ll do the admin and get you started

Our people, systems, and processes shoulder the operations of getting set up and onboarding your employees. You can focus on engagement and your employees can focus on getting started on their journey. We complete an organisational needs analysis and set service level agreements for every client we work with. We will also work closely with all stakeholders to ensure everyone is fully aware of their level of commitment, and what is expected of them.

Ongoing support for all

Ongoing support for all

Every Kaplan client has a dedicated point of contact in our Client Solutions team, and all learners have access to a strong network of support whether this is regarding wellbeing, their studies, or specialist education support needs.

We also share a wealth of industry insights, invites to our frequent events, and access to our powerful network of clients through relevant events and opportunities. For larger cohorts of students, we can offer more detail on progress reviews, health check meetings, and performance reports.

Support and account management
Measuring impact and continual development

Measuring impact and continual development

We make sure that all our programmes continue to develop and improve with regular monitoring and reporting. All clients receive details on their employees progress, to show where they are on their learning journey, where we’re intervening to ensure progress, and where success must be celebrated.

How we report to our clients

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