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Making a difference

Making a difference

Our core purpose is to make a difference to every learner and inspire them to succeed. Part of this is being able to clearly demonstrate success through measurement and seeing tangible improvements over time.

Kaplan’s reporting tools enable you to access timely and relevant information to monitor individual, and collective, progress where relevant.

Our reporting gives you the power to see learner progress at the touch of a button, available on demand, every day.

Driving improvements with data

Data driven improvement

An essential element of our programme design and continual improvement comes from what we’ve learnt from years of experience in delivering impactful programmes. Years of reporting on what works well means we can deliver effective programmes which we are confident will work. As part of your partnership with Kaplan, you can expect plenty of management information including:

  • Trackers to show who is accessing their learning and spending time using MyKaplan
  • Reporting of learners’ progress during their programme
  • Apprenticeship Talent Coach reviews including line managers
  • Ad hoc interventions around exams and other key points in the learner journey
  • Annual reporting and performance monitoring showing overall success and insight into future changes

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How and when we get involved

  • 1 Recognising when support is needed Essential to any learners progression is recognising when they need additional support and motivation. We will get in touch with them to make sure they are on the right track, especially if the data is showing that something might not be working for them.
  • 2 Helping learners on their journey Our reporting helps to highlight where individuals need help on their journey, and we have a range of mechanisms in place, whether that is with their learning, additional education support, or even technical advice and guidance. That may be an automated prompt, a check in from a tutor or coach, or a flag to their line manager. These interventions will make sure everyone keeps progressing throughout their programme.
  • 3 Ensuring programme completion Interventions are proven to keep learners engaged with their programme, and ensure they feel supported in the right way. We can also support them on a technical level, with minor issues, or on a much larger scale to make sure they reach the end of their programme successfully.
Keeping you up to date

Keeping you up to date

We conduct frequent and regular surveys with our learners, and client partners, to understand key elements of feedback. This makes sure that we quickly and effectively implement improvements.

By measuring and understanding the EDI information of our student population, we can support individuals in the most effective way, giving them an equal chance of success.

We hold ourselves to account with a set of robust KPI measures, so you can be confident that the level of service you receive as a Kaplan partner is second to none.

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