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CGMA® FLP Skills Premium

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) is a guided digital learning and assessment experience. It provides an online route to attain the world-renowned CGMA designation, demonstrating to employers outstanding professionals with the skills and competencies needed to drive long-term business success.

The FLP builds finance competencies across a broad set of technical, business, digital, people, and leadership skills, with a focus on real world application and knowledge in a digital world.

Kaplan is the official partner of CGMA FLP Skills Premium.

Finance professionals looking to develop competencies beyond technical accounting to become value adding strategic leaders shaping businesses.

Designed with working professionals in mind, the online sign-up process will guide learners to a recommended entry level based on their past qualification and educational background. This will also determine the order in which learners progress and the recommended timeline for completing the programme. Many learners will already be juggling challenging jobs and personal commitments, so we believe this approach will combine ultimate flexibility and support when required.

The CGMA FLP Skills Premium is a fully inclusive subscription package that is delivered via an online learning and assessment platform. Within the platform, learners will access self-directed competency based learning, knowledge checks, and real world business simulations, as well as a comprehensive case study review course.

With Skills Premium, learners will also receive exclusive tuition through tutor-led in level learning topping up the knowledge they will learn independently. The case study preparation phase will follow the in level learning. The lectures will be performed live, online via the learner platform, with a cohort of other learners. Tuition sessions are supported with Kaplan workbooks to keep the course structured. Whilst we encourage attendance at the live sessions, all the lectures are recorded and made available through the learner platform.

These tutor-led sessions enhance the learning experience, supporting progression towards the CGMA qualification, focusing on application of technical knowledge, increasing likelihood of successful results in case study exams. Pass rates for learners studying via FLP Skills Premium are up to 15% higher than those on other pathways.

Unlike more traditional routes to the CGMA designation, the CGMA FLP seamlessly mixes learning with continuous assessment, to ensure learners understand key topics and can apply new skills. This negates the need for exams at the Foundational level, and Objective test exams (OTs) within the Professional Qualification. Case study exams can be sat at an assessment centre or taken remotely online. These are across a three day period four times a year - February, May, August, and November. For these dates visit the CIMA website.

With Skills Premium, everything needed to complete the Finance Leadership Program and advance towards becoming CGMA professionally qualified is included. Each subscription includes:

  • Access to the new Foundational level learning and assessment content, including online Kaplan workbooks and eight tutor-led sessions. Allowing learners with no previous qualifications or exemptions to start FLP.
  • All learning and assessment materials across the complete Professional Qualification, including interactive exercises, business simulations, and Live Online classes (11 evening sessions for in level learning, and 5 day or 10 evening sessions for case study preparation).
  • Enhanced case study preparation through live tuition and up to three additional marked mocks
  • Kaplan workbooks and tasks to support progression and exam success. This includes a wealth of additional material based around the real pre-seen case study
  • Video analysis of the pre-seen materials for the case study window
  • Personal coaches offer advice, guidance, and support on how to best learn and progress through the course
  • Technical and student support, with access to qualified tutors seven days a week, 362 days a year, via live chat or email
  • Registration and student fees, plus two case study exam credits per level
  • Diplomas or the CGMA designation on completion of individual levels.

The Foundational level takes around three months to complete, and each of the three Professional Qualification levels take around nine months to complete.


1 year subscription
£3,600 (inc. VAT)
2 year subscription
£6,120 (inc. VAT)
3 year subscription
£9,180 (inc. VAT)

Qualifications received

Diploma upon passing each level.

After completing the Strategic Case Study exam and the required practical experience, learners can achieve the CGMA designation.

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Course content

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program’s curriculum is based on the 2019 CIMA Syllabus, the world’s most up-to-date and technologically advanced accountancy programme. An FLP Skills Premium subscription gives learners access to all the learning materials for both the Foundational level, and all three levels within the Professional Qualification.


Designed as an entry point, this new level allows learners without exemptions, and those who do not want to take the Certificate in Business Accounting exams, to start the CGMA FLP. The Foundational level comprises three competencies, described collectively as Business and Finance Essentials, and is designed to deliver a foundational understanding of business, finance, and accounting. To complete this level, learners must pass the topic level assessments (TLAs). It is not a standalone qualification, and there are no exams.


The first level of the Professional Qualification, the Operational level focuses on organisational management, management accounting including costs analysis and month end reporting, and financial reporting and taxation. After passing this level, learners will receive a Diploma in Management accounting, and can move into roles such as a financial analyst or management accountant.


The Management level equips learners with the skills to perform advanced management accounting and advanced financial reporting tasks. Learning includes how to manage companies, from internal and external contexts. After passing this level, learners will receive an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting, and can become a fund accountant, financial accountant, or management accountant.


The Strategic level develops leadership and strategic management abilities, exploring risk management and financial strategy. After passing this level, and with the required practical work experience, learners can attain the CGMA designation, and can work in challenging and rewarding roles like financial controller, managing director, and financial manager.


Skills Premium gives learners access to live, online interactive sessions. To help provide structure, and to guide tuition towards the appropriate case study window, learners will be grouped into cohorts (one per level). Cohorts start in the following months: January, April, July, and October. Foundational learning will span approximately three months, and for the Professional Qualification In-level learning will span approximately six months and the case study phase will span two months.

All live interactive sessions will run from approximately 6:00pm-8:30pm UK local time and are subject to change.

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About the Premium programme

Higher pass rates across all levels

Pass rates for learners studying via FLP Skills Premium are up to 15% higher than those on other pathways.

Flexible, online learning

Study the same syllabus and earn the same qualification as those on the traditional pathway, with the benefit of e-learning and live tutor-led classes.

Enhanced tuition and exam preparation

Live tuition sessions, access to additional mocks, and Kaplan workbooks to support progression.

Support from experienced tutors and coaches

Skills Premium students are fully supported, with access to qualified tutors seven days a week.

What level of support will you receive?

Support for employers:
  • Named account manager as a key point of contact (dependent on the number of FLP learners studying with Kaplan).
  • Named tutor and personal coach
  • Accurate, timely and accessible reporting for each learner
Support for learners:
  • Tutor contact via Live Chat or email outside of scheduled classes
  • Personal Coaches offer advice, guidance and support on how to best learn and progress through the course. They use data to identify if learners need extra support and will help them to get back on track should they need it
  • Live classes with other learners, as part of a small cohort
  • Integrated learning platform with everything in one place
  • Student Service support available 362 days a year

Official partner

Kaplan is the official partner of the CGMA FLP Skills Premium.

Sole publisher

Kaplan has been the sole official CIMA publisher since 2006.

Expert tutors

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Don’t just take our word for it

Speech marks

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the structure and delivery of the classes so far. Transferring to FLP has been the best decision. I have enjoyed how interactive the sessions have been, and it is something I wouldn't be able to get from self-study alone. Thank you so so much and I look forward to our sessions again next year."

Speech marks

"I'm really enjoying the Finance Leadership Program. It's been engaging, and the explanations and teaching methods have been really clear compared to previous courses with other training providers. I've been doing CIMA for a little too long for my liking, so when this opportunity came up to join the FLP I jumped right on it and I'm not regretting that decision."

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