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New ACA Advanced Case Study resit course

Our new resit course balances exam practice, case study skills development, and analysis of the Advanced Information in order to provide you with a path to success in your resit exam.

More details about our course are included below.

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Course price:

£769.76 (excl. VAT)

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Advanced Case Study resit course outline

Our course will have the following key features:

Pre course mock exam

In order for you to be able to start your studies at a time that suits you, we will provide you with a pre-course mock exam. Supported by online video analysis and tutorials, this will allow you to revisit the core skills required for success in Advanced Case Study. This phase of the course can be started at any time after enrolment on the course and will provide you with an early chance to re-engage with your studies.

There will be online recorded tutorials on key skills as well as video analysis of exhibits and issues from a past examination that you can work through at your own pace. You can then attempt this past examination and submit it for marking by our expert team of markers to get feedback on your performance. This will allow you to assess your personal areas of strengths and weaknesses across the 40 Advanced Case Study skills assessed in each examination.

Advanced Case Study Skills sessions

We will deliver four Live Online skills sessions prior to the release of the Advanced Information. These will be delivered by a highly experienced Kaplan tutor and will allow you to consolidate and improve your skills as well as resolve any questions and issues you may have surrounding the Advanced Case Study skills. The sessions will also prepare you for a further mock exam and will highlight the key techniques for successful strategic and financial analysis.

Mock Exam

Our mock exam will follow on directly from our skills sessions and will be marked and assessed by our experienced marking team, who will also provide you with detailed feedback on your exam performance.

Please note that we will use a new mock exam each exam sitting.

Exam Preparation sessions

Our exam preparation sessions will be delivered at a centre of your choice in the week prior to the real exam. This three day course will provide focused analysis on the Advance Information for the real case. This will allow you to apply your skills to the scenario in the real exam. This phase of the course will include two self-marked mock exams based on the Advance Information for the real case.

At the end of the three days you will have built up a thorough understanding of the scenario in question. At this point in the course, your Case Study skills coupled with your understanding of the real case will mean that you are ready to succeed in the real exam.


The cost of the course is £796.76 plus VAT.

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