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Data Analyst Apprenticeship Level 4

No matter how much data or technology is at your disposal, transformation comes when you have people capable of not just using it, but unlocking and communicating its potential.

With sharp analysis at its heart, a Kaplan Data Analyst apprenticeship is anything but standard.

As well as developing technical skills using a range of core technologies and platforms, we support our learners to weave together the ability to source, analyse, work with data and generate insights that underpin decisions that can build a case for change.

  • Junior or aspiring Data Analysts working in any industry or sector.
  • Ideal for new talent in the organisation with an active interest in data or existing staff taking on a more data centric role.

If you’re looking to develop skills in SAS, you may also be interested in our Data Analyst apprenticeship Powered by SAS (Level 4)

Data Analyst, Departmental Data Analyst (e.g. HR, Marketing etc.), Problem Analyst, Junior Analyst, Marketing Data Analyst - but this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s more about what you do in your job role than the actual title.

An apprentice’s journey doesn’t end when their apprenticeship has finished. This is just their first step to becoming a data professional. The next steps could be to work towards more advanced data analysis qualifications, take up higher education studies at a university, or start a level 6 technology apprenticeship.

To do this apprenticeship you must have at least a grade of 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English. If you don’t have this level of Maths and English, Kaplan offers free resources and support to make sure you have a strong understanding of the subjects by the end of your apprenticeship.

Employers could also ask you to have one of the following:

  • A Level 3 Apprenticeship
  • 2 A Levels or International Baccalaureate or any other Level 3 qualification such as a BTEC Extended Diploma
  • 12 months of work experience in the last 24 months if they do not have any other Level 3 qualifications

18 months with Gateway at 15 months

Costs / funding

Levy payer
Non levy payer

Qualifications received

Data Analyst Level 4 apprenticeship

Optional exam and certification in Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate

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About the programme

Help your people make better decisions

The Data Analyst apprenticeship will help your people make better decisions through the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to understand what's going on today, and help you transform your business for tomorrow.

Learn skills that are in high demand

Including Excel, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Python and R programming language.

Bring insights to life

Apprentices will learn the process for requirement-gathering, inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data and develop key communication and visualisation skills to help bring insight to life, informing, predicting and supporting smarter decision-making.

Supported by an industry experienced Talent Coach

Each learner has regular 1:1 contact and progress reviews to keep them on track, review their portfolio, and get them fully prepared for their End Point Assessment.

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Training modules

Our Data Analyst apprenticeship programme integrates six modules of technical training with work based projects. This ensures that learning and skills are directly applied to the apprentice’s role, and maximises the time used as part of off-the-job training.

For each module, learners benefit from attending small, scheduled Live Online classes taught by a subject matter specialist, combined with additional online learning that can be completed at their own pace. Each of our live classes are interactive and involve lots of practical discussion, giving learners quality time both with tutors and industry peers to spark new ideas and get new perspectives. Learners get practical lab time to hone their skills and learn from each other, as well as their tutor.

2 days
Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate

Fundamentals of creating and managing worksheets and workbooks, creating cells and ranges, creating tables, applying formulas and functions, and creating charts and objects.

  • Manage worksheets and workbooks
  • Manage data cells and ranges
  • Manage tables and table data
  • Perform operations by using formulas and functions
  • Manage charts
4 days
Data and Visualisation using Tableau and Power BI

This module equips learners with modern analytical skills and the ability to analyse trends in data and generate business intelligence for enhanced business operations and better decision making in day to day business.

It will cover:

  • Importance of data
  • Types of data and data sources
  • The data analytics lifecycle
  • Data Visualisation using Tableau and Power BI
5 days
Data Analysis and Statistics

This module builds on the previous module to help learners understand different types of analysis including statistical analysis of data.

It will cover:

  • Data analysis and Pre-processing techniques
  • Statistical techniques
  • Predictive Analytics including data mining
  • Supervised and Unsupervised learning
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Introduction to Statistics and Probability
  • Hypothesis Testing and Experimentation
  • Python Basics
5 days
SQL and Data Modelling

This module will introduce learners to data modelling and SQL databases.

It will cover:

  • Types of databases, their importance and applications
  • Using SQL to perform various functions including queries, joins, subqueries, sets and managing tables
  • Data modelling and designing databases
  • Cloud based databases and their applications
3 days
Exploring Data Science using Python and R

This module will explore advanced data analysis concepts and working with various tools that will support working with large datasets. It will delve into concepts of big data and the links between a data analysis and data science role.

It will cover:

  • Introductory Data Science Concepts
  • Usage of tools such as Python, R and Hadoop
  • Cloud based tools for data analysis
2 days
Data Challenge workshop

This two-day workshop will take the learner through a practical application of a data project.

Learners will be provided with a practical project structure which will involve working through various data analysis activities. This will include working with a large data set, processing data, gathering insights from the data and presenting this in an appropriate format.

The data challenge will help support the learner in preparing them for their End Point Assessment giving them an opportunity to build their data analysis skills in an immersive exercise getting real time feedback as they hone their skills.

Online development sessions

Our Data Analyst Apprenticeship programme also includes optional online development sessions in Time Management, Personal Impact, and Presentation Skills. These interactive sessions focus on key Skills and Behaviours that will benefit your learners' development.

date_range Timetables

Programmes are running regularly throughout the year. View our timetables for scheduled Live Online sessions to see when the next one is running.

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Why choose Kaplan to do a Data Analyst apprenticeship?

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Harness the power of data analysis

Our Data Analyst apprenticeship programme is perfect for upskilling or reskilling your workforce, providing the skills and tools to create transformation.

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Leading partners

Underpinned by specialist content and learning labs co-created with leaders in their field; Microsoft, Tableau, Python, developing your skills in a range of technologies and platforms, not just one.

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Flexible learning

Learners attend scheduled, interactive Live Online classes involving lots of practical discussion and application, and combine this with additional online learning that can be completed at their own pace.

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Expert teaching

Our tutors are all subject matter experts, with real world experience, and teach small cohort groups of like minded learners.

Support for employers:
  • Named account director as your key point of contact
  • Recruitment service to help you hire an apprentice for a new vacancy
  • Transparency throughout the application and onboarding process for your learners
  • Named tutor and talent coaches, often a single contact
  • Accurate, timely and accessible tracking for each learner
  • Line Manager visibility of your learner’s portfolio dashboards
Support for learners:
  • Tutor contact via email outside of scheduled classes
  • Regular 1:1 contact and progress reviews with a named, industry experienced talent coach to keep them on track, review their portfolio and get them fully prepared for their End Point Assessment.
  • Peer to peer contacts from across the industry as part of a small cohort - creating opportunities to spark new ideas and get new perspectives
  • Integrated learning system with everything in one place. Access all online learning, track your progress, capture off-the-job activity and hours, manage and capture progress reviews, upload evidence, as well as communication, and leave messages for each other with their Talent Coach
  • Interactive lab environment to practise and put learning to the test
  • Student Service support available 362 days a year

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