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Funding your course

Invoice your employer

You can choose to invoice your employer at the end of selecting your course, when you’re ready to confirm the order. Please check with your employer to find out if they’re willing to fund your course. Many employers do fund the costs of a professional course.

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Benefits for your employer

Many companies are happy to fund the cost of their employee’s development. Opting to invoice your employer online is convenient for both you and them. There’s no extra paperwork to fill in and it can be approved instantly with the click of a button.

Before you invoice your employer, we recommend speaking to your Manager to find out whether your employer is willing to pay for your course. If they are, you can continue with the steps below.

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How does it work?


Click “Invoice my employer” at the end of checkout


Fill in their details


We’ll email them to confirm the order

How to apply

After building your course to buy, you’ll be taken to the payment options. Click “Invoice my employer” and you’ll see a form. If your company has a training account with Kaplan, fill out the form on the page to have the invoice sent to them. Your employer then can choose to accept or reject the invoice. You’ll need to include the company name, company registration number, purchase order number, training manager’s name and email.

If they don’t have have a training account with Kaplan, fill out the form and click “Submit request”. Your training manager will receive the order through email, and they’ll need to approve the order. We’ll then check their details and process the order. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the order is complete.

Please note: You can’t invoice your employer for Kaplan Publishing materials or paying for your exams.

Other funding options

What about a government funded Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a great way to study while earning, where you'll gain valuable work experience and an esteemed qualification. Find out if you are eligible, what courses you can do and how to apply.

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