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Our programmes

When designing new and updating existing programmes, our priority is evidence. Years of data on our student progression and successes, supported by learning specialists and empirical research, enable us to have a solid understanding of what works well.

Our programmes are built on high performance, high value learning models designed by our experts.

We have the capability to develop personalised learning resources. This is a tried and tested approach to increase engagement and allows learners to focus on the skills they need most.

How we deliver our training programmes

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Flexible delivery methods

Our four delivery methods complement the way your organisation operates, taking into account the working patterns of employees, where they are in the world, and the amount of flexibility required. We’ll work with you to discover the best options for you and your employees.

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Access to online resources

We also provide all learners with access to MyKaplan. This is an online platform, also available through a mobile app, where learners can track their progress, access a broad range of structured content, speak to our experts, and get feedback.

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Adaptable programmes

Our programmes are built to adapt to an individual’s learning and encourage progress. All essential detail is covered, with additional support and content, at the right time. Further opportunities to stretch and challenge high performing learners is also built in. Additionally, we use nudges and gamification to motivate and keep individuals on track.

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Always evolving

Always evolving

We’re always reviewing, researching, and validating our delivery methods and trialling new approaches to get the best results. We are always looking for ways to ensure what we deliver resonates with our learners, no matter how, and where, they choose to work and learn. We develop and design our programmes with learners' success at the heart of everything we do. By working closely with employers and professional bodies, we ensure our programmes are fit for purpose today and into the future. Our adaptability, creativity, and innovation.

Our adaptability, creativity, and innovation

Our apprenticeship programmes

We have a range of apprenticeship programmes in different areas, suitable for any organisation.

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Banking and Financial Services

Programmes suited to those interested in developing their skills and knowledge of finance and banking.

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Accountancy and Tax

Accountancy and Tax

Apprenticeships that develop skills and knowledge in accounting including taxation, credit control, and internal auditing.

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Data and Technology

A range of programmes that develop skills in data literacy, analytics, business analysis, IT infrastructure and cloud, and software development.

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