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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

In recent years, we reached a turning point as the United Nations Conference on Climate Change highlighted the ongoing environmental challenges we face.

As a consequence, there is growing demand to view investment opportunities through the lens of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. Today's finance professionals need to be confident in their ability to analyse and integrate ESG factors into their day-to-day investment roles.

By gaining key insights, your team will be ready to take immediate action.

Practitioners working in investment roles who want to get up to speed with ESG investing and understand its application and what success can look like.

There are no formal entry requirements, but participants should work in finance, and have an interest in sustainable finance.

The training can be delivered in a number of formats, from a series of live webinars, to a masterclass in your office - whatever works for you. It’s a limited commitment of your time, for a potentially high return on investment and valuable information.

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What is ESG?

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The interest in responsible investing has now grown to such an extent that the investment community has shifted from asking whether to adopt the ESG principles to how they should implement them.

Today, socially responsible and impact investing is one of the fastest growing segments of the fund management industry. Quite simply, institutional investors have realised that they have a duty to consider sustainability issues when they make investments. Corporate boards are also realising the need to define value beyond the narrow interests of shareholders.

Our programmes examine the different frameworks for incorporating ESG and responsible investing practices from both the investor and corporate boardroom perspectives. We focus on the practical application of ESG investing and examine some of the traps and pitfalls in implementing ESG strategies.

Why finance professionals need ESG skills

Course content

Our tailored programmes are interactive with exercises and topical case studies. The key focus is on the practical realities of the market and some of the key themes including:

  • Introduction to and history of ESG/SRI investing
  • ESG and sustainable finance
  • Approaches to ESG portfolio management
  • ESG reporting
  • Climate risk
  • ESG factors, standards and disclosures
  • ESG regulation and taxonomy
  • ESG accounting
  • Sustainable Fintech
  • Social and corporate governance
  • Senior managers regime
  • ESG markets and trends
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Certificate in ESG Investing

A CFA Institute certificate which demonstrates a general understanding of ESG issues that can be earned by passing a computer-based exam. Everything you need to know about the certificate is on our Certificate in ESG Investing page.

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Key benefits

  • Broaden your knowledge of ESG with the latest updates and case studies
  • Understand how to set objectives and principles for the industry
  • New insights into how to successfully implement and measure ESG
  • Champion ESG with colleagues and clients
  • Gain the edge on your competitors and attract talent
Speech marks

"What is currently seen as best practice in a few advanced institutions — incorporating ESG and sustainability into investment and lending decisions — must be standard practice across finance, establishing new norms and professional standards."

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