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Award winning training provider and innovator


Apprenticeship gold

We were Gold Learning Tech award winners in 2021 for developing an engaging and innovative game to onboard Lloyds Banking Group apprentices, at a time when new employees couldn’t join their apprenticeship face-to-face.


Adapting to tough times

We achieved a Learning Technology accolade in 2020 for our response to the pandemic, as we had the tools to swiftly move all our delivery online with minimal disruption and maximum engagement for our learners.


Best Distance Learning programme

We won the Best Distance learning programme Learning Tech award for our OnDemand study method. Even before the pandemic, we continually improved our delivery methods to ensure they were engaging and supported learners to achieve success.


Always improving

We are building interactive skills and behaviours for our Accountancy and Tax apprenticeships, a series designed around characters and how they apply different scenarios in practice to help apprentices fully contextualise their learning and reflect on their own work.

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Adapting to change

We constantly review, evaluate, and validate our approach to learning. We redevelop and move forward, evolving our training and teaching methods as technologies and learning changes. We work with students, organisations, tutors, and experts to make sure we’re always delivering the best possible training for learners and employers. We have dedicated in-house expert teams which drive forward our changes.

  • Learning Design and Development - bring best practice in online learning and the latest teaching methods, learning technologies and creative design to our programmes.
  • User Experience (UX) research team - lead research and focus groups so that the learner voice is always incorporated into our programme design.
  • Learning behaviours team - measure the impact of small changes we make on learning behaviour using nudge theory. This results in continuous micro improvements to give learners the best environment for success.
  • Learning measurement team - as an evidence-based educator we use learning data to drive improvements in our programme design and the guidance we give to our learners.
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Flexible and bespoke

We have a proven track record working in partnership with employers, including PwC, HSBC, Lloyds, and Deloitte, to design and deliver programmes that meet the requirements of their organisation.

We also ensure that we meet the requirements of the institutes and awarding bodies where relevant. And we make sure we’re continually building a pipeline of talent and individuals who have relevant skills and industry context to deliver positive transformation. An example of a tailored programme we have created is:

investment managementpictogram

Finance Data Technician

An evolution of our Data User apprenticeship coupled with essential finance skills to ensure this programme is suitable for all finance professionals at every level of the organisation.

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Independent governance

We are committed, and have a proven approach, to innovation and developing our training, whilst still ensuring we have external checks and audits to make sure we are meeting or exceeding standards.

  • Highest rating after Quality Assurance Agency review, proving that we hold high quality standards and constantly strive for further improvements
  • We partner with an independent External Assurance Board to provide oversight, knowledge, and strategic challenges to our programmes.
  • Our Apprenticeship Advisory Panel, represented by current Kaplan apprentices, meets quarterly to continually evaluate and help improve our apprenticeship programmes.
  • Student diversity panel ensures that we’re listening to, and representing, the needs of all our learners.
Speech marks

The focus on the future, thinking, and always pushing for improvement is very valuable. Kaplan really help us to be better at delivering apprenticeships to our colleagues

Speech marks

Soft skills such as curiosity, desire for new experiences, creativity, and resilience not only helps them as individuals to develop and adapt, but also helps HSBC UK grow and transform as new innovations develop.

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