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Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel

What is the Apprenticeship Advisory Panel and why did we set it up?

Understanding the views of our apprentices and getting their input is really important to us. It helps us to continually evaluate and improve our Apprenticeship programmes. Whilst feedback is invited from all of our apprentices, we’ve created an Apprenticeship Advisory Panel that will be represented by current Kaplan apprentices.

Members will provide information and feedback about their views and attitudes towards Apprenticeships, as well as valuable insights into life as a Kaplan apprentice.

Acting as the voice of the apprentice, the Advisory Panel members will attend a quarterly 'virtual' meeting with an Apprentice Panel Sponsor (APS). The APS will be a senior member of Kaplan staff who will facilitate meetings and ensure all members are able to contribute to discussions.

The discussions and output from the meetings are reported and shared with the senior leadership team at Kaplan, who will use this to inform changes to our programmes as required and enhance our Apprenticeship offering.

Become a member of the panel

Are you passionate about how Apprenticeships can make a difference in the professions? Do you want to contribute to improvements in Apprenticeships?

The Commitment

What we need from you

  • Attend four virtual Advisory Panel meetings per year, lasting approximately 90 minutes each.
  • Participate fully in each of the meetings with professionalism and respect for your fellow members.
  • Agree to participate for a minimum of one year.

The Benefits

  • You'll get first hand 'shadow board' experience working with senior members of Kaplan.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate and develop your communication, presentation and influencing skills, which will assist you in commercial life.
  • You can add board level skills to your CV and it provides you with an opportunity to represent the voice of apprentices.
  • Dependent on your Apprenticeship standard, participation may also contribute to your off the job learning time.

Please note this will be a volunteer appointment and will not be remunerated.


To join our Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel you have to be an apprentice currently training on a Kaplan Apprenticeship Programme. We encourage a broad and diverse representation.

How to apply

There is a short application form that we need you to complete*.

Please tell us a few details about yourself and the Apprenticeship programme you're on, and:

  1. Why you’d like to join the Advisory Panel.
  2. How you feel your experience as a Kaplan apprentice will enable you to be a valuable member of the Advisory Panel.

*Please obtain employer approval before submitting your application.

Apply now

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