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Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel

What is the Apprenticeship Advisory Panel and why have we set it up?

Understanding the views of our apprentices and getting their input is really important to us. It helps us to continually evaluate and improve our Apprenticeship programmes. Whilst feedback is invited from all of our apprentices, we’ve created an Apprenticeship Advisory Panel that will be represented by current Kaplan apprentices.

Members will provide information and feedback about their views and attitudes towards Apprenticeships, as well as valuable insights into life as a Kaplan apprentice.

Acting as the voice of the apprentice, the Advisory Panel members will attend a quarterly 'virtual' meeting with an Apprentice Panel Sponsor (APS). The APS will be a senior member of Kaplan staff who will facilitate meetings and ensure all members are able to contribute to discussions.

The discussions and output from the meetings are reported and shared with the senior leadership team at Kaplan, who will use this to inform changes to our programmes as required and enhance our Apprenticeship offering.

Apprenticeship Advisory Panel members

  • Oliver Bolton keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Apprenticeship: Level 4 Professional Accounting Taxation Technician

    I applied to the KAAP to ensure I could provide a voice for any feedback that I and my colleagues had in constantly improving the experience that students have when completing courses through Kaplan.

    The highlight of my apprenticeship on the job is servicing a nuclear sector company, and more specifically with regard to exams, really tackling the self learning aspect and seeing steady increases in exam results.

  • Genelle Banton Genelle Banton keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: Barclays

    Apprenticeship: Level 7 Accounting and Taxation Professional

    My journey with Kaplan so far has been wonderful. The level of support is immense and networking with other students has proved very simple and rewarding. I volunteered to be a member of the KAAP to share some of that enthusiasm with the Board, and provide them quality feedback, both on my behalf, and that of my fellow classmates, making our lives even better, and our journey through Kaplan a very successful one. I look forward to being your voice in the year ahead.

  • Charlotte Finney Charlotte Finney keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: Lloyds Banking Group

    Apprenticeship: Level 6 Financial Services Professional

    I applied to be a member of the KAAP for a number of reasons. A key motivator for me, was the opportunity to add a compelling differentiator to my CV in the form of board level influencing skills. Thus far, it’s been great to interact and share reflective thoughts with my fellow KAAP members. We all come from such a variety of backgrounds and it’s clear that we will collectively play a pivotal role in aiding both the evaluation and improvement of Kaplan Apprenticeship Programmes. Complementing this, I pride myself on my aptitude for providing both authentic and constructive feedback. With this in mind, I became motivated towards gaining access to the KAAP platform, whereby my first-hand knowledge and experience could be voiced to support in implementing compelling initiatives for both current and future Apprentices.

  • Luke Perman Luke Perman keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: easyNetworks

    Apprenticeship: Level 7 Accounting and Taxation Professional

    Over the past four years, the apprenticeship scheme has allowed me to develop my accountancy skills in the classroom alongside invaluable work experience, earn a steady income, and achieve an industry accredited qualification with the AAT. This is why I am a massive advocate for the scheme, as it has the potential to kick-start someone’s career, like it has mine, without the hassle of dissertations and student debt. In joining the KAAP, I hope to meet like-minded individuals so together we can promote the obvious merits that an apprenticeship has to offer.

  • Amber Fuller Amber Fuller keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: Deloitte

    Apprenticeship: Level 7 Accounting and Taxation Professional

    I applied to the KAAP to help Kaplan further understand our needs as apprentices to help support us, as well as guide the direction of the Apprenticeship profession for future generations. A highlight of my Apprenticeship so far is having the opportunity to work with senior management on FTSE clients.

  • Jack George Jack George keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: HSBC

    Apprenticeship: Level 6 Financial Services Professional

    I’m really happy to be on the KAAP and to help share my views on how to improve Kaplan Apprenticeships.

    I’ve been on the scheme for just over a year and I am really enjoying getting to work in various parts of the bank. I currently work in Customer Redress, which sees the bank identify and correct detriment made to customers (think PPI).

    I come from a creative background and I’ve enjoyed being able to contribute my ideas to the bank.

    In September I devised a step counting challenge called STEPtember to encourage my colleagues to be more active and raise money for charity.

  • Tina Sethi Tina Sethi keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Apprenticeship: Level 4 Professional Accounting Taxation Technician

    Joining the KAAP at a time where there is a high level of uncertainty within the job market was extremely important to me. I truly believe that Apprenticeships are the way forward, and I am excited to play an active role in making them a ‘first choice’, credible option for the future generation.

    I have had the pleasure of being a Schools Ambassador which consisted of visiting 17 schools and reaching out to 850 students across the South East region. Here I placed a strong emphasis on promoting Apprenticeships and shared personal insights into my own career journey.

  • Luke Lyons Luke Lyons keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employer: Lloyds Banking Group

    Apprenticeship: Level 4 Professional Accounting Taxation Technician

    I was eager to join KAAP to be a voice for apprentices who are similarly navigating these tricky waters, and am keen to help shape the programmes to suit the ever shifting circumstances we find ourselves in. I'm enjoying every aspect of the Apprenticeship. I’m happy to get involved/help out wherever I can and look forward to working on the advisory panel.

Become a member of the panel

Are you passionate about how Apprenticeships can make a difference in the professions? Do you want to contribute to improvements in Apprenticeships?

The Commitment

What we need from you

  • Attend four virtual Advisory Panel meetings per year, lasting approximately 90 minutes each.
  • Participate fully in each of the meetings with professionalism and respect for your fellow members.
  • Agree to participate for a minimum of one year.

The Benefits

  • You’ll get first hand 'shadow board' experience working with senior members of Kaplan.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate and develop your communication, presentation and influencing skills, which will assist you in commercial life.
  • You can add board level skills to your CV and it provides you with an opportunity to represent the voice of apprentices.
  • Dependent on your Apprenticeship standard, participation may also contribute to your 20% off the job training.

Please note this will be a volunteer appointment and will not be remunerated.


To join our Apprenticeship Advisory Panel you have to be an apprentice currently training on a Kaplan Apprenticeship Programme. We’ve got places for four apprentice members and we encourage a broad and diverse representation.

How to apply

We are not currently taking on new board members.

How to apply

There is a short application form that we need you to complete by 21 October 2021*.

As well as a few details about you and the Apprenticeship programme you’re on, we’d like you to record a short video of yourself (no longer than 2 minutes), telling us:

  1. Why you’d like to join the Advisory Panel.
  2. How you feel your experience as a Kaplan apprentice will enable you to be a valuable member of the Advisory Panel.

Once you’ve done this, upload your video to YouTube launch and set the video visibility to unlisted, so only those with the link can ever see it, and add the unique URL link to your application form.

*Please obtain employer approval before submitting your application.

Apply now

How to upload a video to YouTube

To upload a video to YouTube, you will first need to create a channel to upload it to. Instructions on how to create a channel and upload videos are below:

  • Log into YouTube launch using a Google or Gmail account
  • Click on the 'Create' icon in the top right corner
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create a channel
  • Once a channel has been created, click the 'Create' icon again and follow the instructions to upload a video
  • In the 'visibility' section, list your video as unlisted if you do not want it to be publicly available

Further information on channel creation launch and uploading videos launch.

Application form

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