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ACA Training Managers

As the Qualified Person Responsible for Training (QPRT), there are many decisions and choices that you face with regard to the training of your ICAEW students. This page is designed to give you information you need so that you feel equipped to make those important decisions.

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Pathways available

We provide a number of pathways by which students can complete their ACA qualification. The pathways we offer afford our clients maximum choice and flexibility, allowing you to balance the needs of your students with the demands of workflow planning.

Certificate routes

Day Release Programme

The Day Release Programme allows students to study for the ACA Certificate by taking just one day out of their working week to study. This is a less intense approach to ACA study, and means your employees will complete their ACA Certificate in around 12 months, without you losing them for any large blocks of time.

Professional routes


Students sit three Professional Level papers at each sitting. This is the quickest route to qualification and also the most intense from a study perspective. This route comes highly recommended for students with a strong and relevant academic background.


Allows students to sit two Professional Level papers at each sitting. It is approximately six months slower than the 3:3 route, it therefore allows students to spread their studies over a more extended time period. The route can be particularly useful if opportunities for study are restricted or if workflow planning proves difficult under the 3:3 approach.

Advanced routes


Allows students to take all three Advanced papers together at one sitting. This has the advantage that all technical knowledge gained from the SBM and CR papers is fresh at the point that students take their ACS exam. Although ACS is a non-technical exam, the retention of technical knowledge can help to reinforce student confidence. This is also the quickest route through Advanced ACA.


Students take the SBM and CR papers at one sitting and then take ACS separately at the following sitting. This less intense route can suit students with limited study time.

Apprenticeship Milestone maps

If your students will be studying ACA under an apprenticeship we have provided a link to a 3:3 milestone map below as an example pathway.

Download ICAEW Level 7 Milestone Map (PDF 129KB)

Pathways by location

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We provide the largest ACA course offering in the market. You can find all the detailed dates we run at each of our training locations within the timetable section of our ACA web pages.

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School leaver options

We recommend a few different routes for school leavers studying the ACA qualification. Either to do CFAB first, or AAT first, or choose the Day Release Programme. All are suitable for school leavers, but vary in length and difficulty.

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Study options

Which study option is right for you and your students? Please see our table below for a summary of the channels we offer and the associated benefits.



A traditional scheduled programme with face to face tutor-led classes.

Business benefit

Intensive courses reducing time away from the office. Allows for peer to peer networking and learning.


Live Online

The same as classroom, but live interactive online classes at a set time.

  • Live lectures delivered online by a tutor
  • Re-watch and replay lessons through recordings

Business benefit

A flexible alternative to classroom learning that still involves live participation and trainee networking, along with a catch up facility.



Award winning tutor-led online course with flexibility to start anytime, anywhere.

  • Unique online resources designed to keep you motivated
  • Tutors guide you efficiently through the whole syllabus

Business benefit

Learning is flexible, not scheduled, to fit around the workflow needs of your business.

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Mix and match course options

In addition to providing the options to study the entire qualification via either classroom, live online or OnDemand, in 2022 we are introducing the ability to mix and match OnDemand tuition with a scheduled exam preparation course. The table below summarises the mix and match options available. Please contact our Client or Student Service team to book.

Tuition course Exam preparation course Fee charged
OnDemand Classroom Classroom course fee
OnDemand Live Online Live Online course fee


View our current ACA fee sheets for the following locations:

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If you would like further information including funding options for apprentices or to enrol your students on a course, please contact our Client Service team on 0161 951 5486.

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