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Award winning training provider

Award winning training provider

Excellent pass rates

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What can the app do?

You can access your MyKaplan courses, view your course calendars, see grades and receive notifications. Your Integrated Workbook and Study Texts can be made available offline so that you can view them when you don’t have internet access available.

  • Key course dates in one place See submission dates, deadlines and other key dates at a glance. You can also see busy and quieter periods to help you plan your studies better.
  • Receive alerts to your device Get notifications when you get test results back, someone posts in a discussion forum you’re subscribed to, or important news about your course is released.
  • Easily access study resources View syllabus information or make PDF's, such as your study text and revision cards, available offline to help studying on the move.
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How to download the mobile app

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices:

  1. Search for ‘Brightspace Pulse’ in the iTunes or Google Play apps stores
  2. Download the app - it’s free
  3. Open the app and tap ‘Pick Your School’
  4. Select ‘Kaplan UK’
  5. Log in using your MyKaplan username (email) and password
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How do I access my course content?

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You can then select your course, navigate through the content and take your Integrated Workbook or Study Text offline (click the three dots top right and then ‘Make available offline’).