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Academic Support Reasonable Usage Policy

The Academic Support team is here to assist with your academic queries and we can be contacted through a number of different methods. This document will help you to understand the best method to use when contacting the team with your queries.

Any queries that are not academic in nature, including exam marking or submission date queries, should be directed to the Student Services Team.

To ensure we can locate your query and enrolment quickly, please message us using the registered email address you use to access MyKaplan. Please send your query to the specific email address found in the ‘contact us’ section of MyKaplan. Messages sent to incorrect inboxes may end up taking longer to receive a response.


This can be used to ask academic queries in relation to your course. When you message the team, you should provide details on the question and the source document you need help with. Please note we can only provide guidance on materials and online resources provided as part of your course and it will make it much easier to answer your query if you can include the question and answer for us as screen shots or pdfs or if your query relates to online content, then please include the URL from your MyKaplan course which will look something like this:

Wherever possible please use one email per question. For example if you have a couple of queries on Question 34 in the Question bank these can go in one email. If you have a number of different areas or questions you would like support with, please send multiple emails - for instance Question 34 of the Question bank should go in one email and queries on Question 42 of the Question bank should go in a separate email. The Academic Support Team will be able to respond faster if the emails are focussed onto one topic or question area. If you send one email with multiple areas or questions then the team may request that your questions be broken down into individual emails to ensure you receive an appropriate response.

An example of a good email question:

“I am struggling with question 22 in the CIMA F1 exam kit. I do not understand why the answer to part ii is £1,458. Can you please explain?.”

Live chat (this is available for ACA, ACCA, CIMA and AAT)

Live Chat is a function that allows you to get a much faster response to your generic academic queries. These will usually be in relation to a general topic area that needs quick clarity. Sometimes, the nature of the queries received in live chat require the tutor to work through a question to get an answer to be able to explain the concept to you. This takes time and may mean a quick response to that question on live chat is not possible. If this is the case the question is more appropriate for email and will be converted into an email to be dealt with by the team.

An example of a good live chat:

“Hi, Can you please confirm why we do not time apportion a subsidiary acquired in the year when calculating PPE”

Request a call back

This service allows students to contact a member of Academic Support to discuss a specific question or area more broadly, this can include soft skills such as exam technique.

An example of a good request a call back:

“Hi, could you please call me to discuss consolidation principles as I am struggling to understand why we are doing what we do. A conversation will help me approach the questions in my study text with a little more understanding.”

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