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Kaplan UK’s commitment to its learners/candidates when employing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As a trusted training provider and assessment organisation, Kaplan UK is committed to being clear on its principles and promises to our learners and candidates when using AI tools as part of your learning, assessment and customer service experience. We intend to always create a positive and ethical experience and therefore we commit to:

  • Transparency

    We will always tell you when you are interacting with or receiving feedback from AI-supported technology.
  • Human agency

    We will not use AI technologies to make decisions which significantly impact your outcomes without robust mechanisms in place to prevent overconfidence or over-reliance on AI-enabled systems.
  • Ethical Use

    We will use AI and large language models responsibly and ethically. We will take active steps to avoid creating or using content, learning materials or assessments generated by AI models that may promote bias, discrimination, or harm.
  • Quality Assurance

    We are committed to maintaining high-quality learning materials and assessments that provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date information. We will take active steps to mitigate the risks of hallucination where content is generated by AI models.
  • Accessibility

    We will ensure that content generated by AI meets Kaplan’s accessibility standards and address any accessibility issues promptly.
  • Clear guidance and policies

    We will ensure that the Kaplan employees whom you interact with are sufficiently trained, as appropriate to their job role, so that they can provide you with clear guidance on how to use AI to support your learning. Our policies will be clear to help you avoid the unethical use of AI, including plagiarism.
  • Evaluation

    We will put procedures in place to monitor the impact and effectiveness of AI technologies that we implement to ensure they work as expected for your benefit.
  • Privacy and Data Security

    We will protect the privacy and security of your personal data in line with our Privacy Policy, including when we use AI-enabled technologies.

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