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Attendance Policy

The Attendance Policy has been developed as part of Kaplan's commitment to providing a supportive learning environment, which enables all students to achieve their full potential.

Overall attendance rate: apprentices

As a Kaplan apprentice you must attend at least 90% of your classes for the full duration of the session and/or course.

We understand that in some instances, unforeseen circumstances unfortunately do not make this possible. In such a situation, you must notify us at your earliest opportunity. This enables us to provide you with the best learning outcome.

Apprentices’ unsatisfactory attendance may be shared with employers. Unsatisfactory attendance includes failure to attend at least 90% of your classes, non attendance without providing a satisfactory reason in advance, and persistent late arrival at, or early departure from classes without prior notification.

Arriving late and leaving early: all students

All students must arrive on time for classes and remain for the duration. Late arrival at and/or early departure from classes can be disruptive to both students and their learning.

Arriving late for, or leaving early has a negative impact on your learning. If you are unsure what time your classes are due to start, please reference your course confirmation email, review your course calendar in MyKaplan or you can speak to Student Services.

Kaplan attendance is recorded across all classes, both online and physical classroom courses. Kaplan has the right to revoke any Pass Guarantee should there be persistent lateness/early departure and or significant absence from the course.

Attendance responsibilities: all students

All students are responsible for:

  1. Attending your timetabled classes associated with the chosen course.
  2. Ensuring that you are in class at the time the register is recorded or signing in with the Student Experience team in the centre.
  3. Notifying Student Services or your Tutor in advance should you expect to be absent from any class.
  4. Notifying the Student Service team or your Tutor in respect of unplanned or unforeseen absences from classes within 24 hours and if requested, providing a medical certificate or other evidence to explain the absence.
  5. Sponsored students and apprentices should notify your employer of any planned absences in advance of the class and at your earliest opportunity regarding any unforeseen/unplanned absences. Kaplan will notify employers of any absences and or persistent late arrivals/early departures.
  6. Ensuring that you have requested permission from Student Service if you require changes to your course booking.

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