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Disciplinary Procedure

Purpose and scope

Kaplan's student disciplinary procedure provides a framework for addressing breaches of the Code of Conduct which may be considered to be occurring too frequently or considered to be too serious to be dealt with informally. The framework has been designed to ensure that all students are given access to a fair hearing where all relevant facts will be established and considered before final decisions are made.


In most cases, the matter will have arisen from a complaint raised by a fellow student or an employee of Kaplan. In all cases an investigation will take place to determine whether it may be necessary to invite the complainant to attend a disciplinary interview.


In cases where the alleged misconduct is considered to be very serious, or where it may be detrimental to Kaplan or any individual for the student to remain on site, suspension may need to be considered during the investigation. In such cases, the student will be informed of the reason for suspension.

Suspension from studies does not constitute a warning for misconduct or removal from study with Kaplan.

Criminal proceedings

Where any member of staff has reason to believe or is informed that a student may have committed a criminal offence, Kaplan will normally refer the matter to the police. Kaplan may also initiate disciplinary proceedings set out in this procedure or suspend the student pending the outcome of police enquiries. Where the student has been suspended under this provision, when the results of those enquiries and any criminal proceedings are known, Kaplan reserves the right to recommence disciplinary proceedings. Any Kaplan disciplinary action relating to alleged criminal offences will be based on reasonable belief.

Written warning

Where serious misconduct has occurred, the student may be given a written warning. The student will be informed that further misconduct or failure to meet the standards detailed in the Student Code of Conduct will likely result in exclusion from studies with Kaplan. Details of written warnings will remain on a student's file for 12 months from the date of the warning being issued. Failure to attend a disciplinary interview may result in a decision being made in the student's absence.

Exclusion from Kaplan

Further misconduct after a warning has been issued, gross misconduct, or any other circumstances which Kaplan deem to be of a particularly serious nature, may result in exclusion from studies with us. Students who are excluded from studies with Kaplan will not be entitled to any form of refund.


A student who has been issued with a written warning or excluded from studies with Kaplan is entitled to appeal against the decision. An appeal must be made in writing within 10 working days of receipt of the warning/exclusion letter. The original decision letter will state to whom the appeal should be made. The Manager conducting the appeal may wish to conduct an appeal interview with the student and will issue notification of the decision in writing.

Third Party Notification

Kaplan reserves the right at any stage to inform the sponsor, the relevant governing body and/or the Home Office (where applicable).

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