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E-Safety for learners

As part of Kaplan’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding, we want all learners and apprentices to have access to the best resources and reading materials whilst learning and working in an online environment.

To this end, we recommend that learners use the link below to navigate to the Education and Training Foundation website, and create an account to sign up for the free “Side by Side” resource guide for learners. As well as video case studies, the guide also features several self-guided modules featuring helpful content and best practice guidance on online safety and several other topics.

Signing up and accessing Side by Side is a fairly straight-forward process, but instructions are below. Beneath the instructions you will find Kaplan’s safeguarding commitments, as well as our key safeguarding points of contact.

How to access the free resource guide

  1. Use the link to open the Education and Training Foundation website
  2. Click “Create New Account”
  3. Agree “Privacy and Cookie Policy” and “Terms of Usage” and click Next
  4. Enter the required details and click “Create my new account”
  5. Complete the registration by clicking the confirmation link in the email you will receive
  6. Once confirmed and logged on, navigate to the Home page, scroll down to the “Available Courses section, and click the box titled “Side by Side” (note - do not use the “Side by Side - Archived” box)
  7. Click the blue “Enrol me” button
  8. You will now see the resources available on this page, which will be available to you each time you login

Education and Training Foundation website

Our Safeguarding Commitments

Kaplan will:

  • Maintain thorough knowledge of safeguarding matters
  • Provide points of contact for anyone needing to report a safeguarding concern
  • Act on reported concerns as appropriate. This may include making a referral to an external agency
  • Promote a culture which promotes safeguarding, reducing the potential for harm to be caused or threatened
  • Introduce apprentices to their rights and responsibilities with regard to Safeguarding and Prevent through their induction
  • Ensure all necessary staff undertake suitable training commensurate with their role in the organisation
  • Be available for apprentices to turn to for advice and support

Find out more

Safeguarding contact information

Concerns and general guidance


Michael Kemp
Designated Safeguarding Officer