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Plagiarism Statement

During your studies with Kaplan, you’ll have the opportunity to submit assessments for marking. Assessments enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the paper in addition to tracking your progress. It is important that you submit your own assessment, you do not plagiarise anyone else's work, nor use AI such as ChatGPT to generate an answer or part of an answer, or submit any model answer in lieu of your own.

If you are deemed to have cheated by either submitting the model answer, using AI to generate an answer or part of an answer, or copying another student then the marker will not mark your paper. The marker will give the assessment a mark of 1. If you have been given a mark of 1, the Student Services team will email to inform you.

If your studies are sponsored by your employer or you are an apprentice, then your manager will be emailed to be made aware that you have been given a mark of 1 and why. You must take this seriously, as your employer may have their own disciplinary procedures in relation to cheating which could even lead to your dismissal.

If you are on a course with the Pass Guarantee (PG) and the assessment you have submitted is part of the PG then your Pass Guarantee will be voided as you haven't made a reasonable attempt.

If you would like to appeal against the decision please notify the Student Services team and they will look into this for you.

Please be aware that plagiarism is also forbidden in formal assessments, and any proven cases of plagiarism would have consequences for you from Kaplan, your employer, and your professional body.

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