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36 month Graduate programme

ACA/CTA Qualification programme

Tax Graduate

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Overview of programme

You will soon be undertaking the ACA/CTA joint qualification, administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England & Wales (ICAEW) and the Chartered Institute of Tax (CIOT). This qualification usually takes 4 years to complete and consists of 17 examinations, plus some additional work experience and ethics requirements to become fully qualified.

This guide is designed to tell you everything you need to know about your ACA/CTA qualification.

Professional qualification

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The ACA / CTA Joint Programme Qualification is split into three Levels – Certificate, Professional and Advanced.

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Certificate level

The Certificate Level consists of 6 papers to introduce the basic concepts around key topics such as Accounting, Assurance and Tax. They are tested via computer based exams, predominantly multiple choice while some papers have longer questions. The pass mark is 55%.

Professional level

You will complete five out of the six ACA Professional Level papers which build on your knowledge from Certificate Level, and start to test your ability to apply knowledge to client scenarios. The pass mark is 55%.

Instead of the ACA Business planning paper, you will complete a CTA specialist paper in one of three areas – Taxation of Major Corporates, Owner-Managed Businesses or Indirect Tax. These papers have a pass mark of 50%.

Advanced level

At the Advanced Level, there are three papers: Corporate Reporting, Strategic Business Management and Advanced Case Study. The pass mark is 50%.

In order to complete the ACA-CTA Joint Programme Qualification, you will be expected to sit two further CTA papers:

  • Professional Responsibilities and Ethics computer based assessment (60% pass mark)
  • Final CTA paper (50% pass mark).

Online resources

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Your qualification learning materials are all accessed through the MyKaplan portal. You will receive access to this through an email invitation, once you have been enrolled on your first course. You can access this system from work or home via your desktop, tablet or handheld device.

There are numerous resources you can access on MyKaplan, including:

  • Introduction to study guides
  • Course Materials
  • Recordings of your online lectures
  • Online tutorials breaking down the syllabus
  • E-Learning segments
  • Mini mock and full mock assessments
  • Exam and revision technique

Other considerations

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ICAEW/CIOT Requirements

As you are completing the ACA/CTA Joint Programme qualification, you will be required to also complete the following to comply with the ICAEW and CIOT’s requirements.


  1. You must accumulate and show evidence of at least 450 days of Practical Work Experience (one working day is seven hours). Practical Work Experience (PWE) is work experience of a financial, business and/or commercial nature

  2. Complete the ICAEW online Ethics Learning programme including the Ethics assessment which can be accessed from your online training file.


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Your Kaplan tutors are industry experts and will support you with any part of your professional qualification.

Outside of the classroom we also have our dedicated Academic Support team to support with technical subject matter related queries. They can be contacted via Live Chat, Request a Call-back or email. Contact details for tutors and Academic Support will be provided through MyKaplan at the start of your course.

Exam Manager

Your Exam Manager will support you through your professional qualification.

They will perform the following roles:

  • Monitor your performance in professional exams and at college.
  • Ensure compliance with your professional qualification requirements.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)

If you require specific support due to a diagnosed condition Kaplan can support you with additional resources. If you need clarification on reasonable adjustments you may be eligible for or require support in your reasonable adjustment applications to any professional bodies for your exams, your Kaplan Talent Coach can put you in touch with our SENCo.

If you wish to enquire about your Kaplan courses please email

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