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Apprenticeship Recruitment Services

Kaplan has an experienced and dedicated Apprenticeship Recruitment Team who can assist your business in sourcing the most suitable talent for your vacancies, whether that be finding the perfect apprentice or delivering a whole recruitment campaign.


We’ll advertise your roles and establish potential candidates’ drive and motivation for the role they have applied for, as well as their culture fit for your organisation. If you choose Kaplan to provide your apprentices’ training, our recruitment service is completely free.

Kaplan ensures equality and diversity throughout the recruitment process.

We partner with charities such as ‘Leadership Through Sport and Business’, helping to place their candidates in suitable Apprenticeship opportunities. We also maintain links with local schools and colleges throughout the country in order to promote Apprenticeship opportunities, and give valuable insight into the provision offered at Kaplan.

We want to make sure the employer and the apprentice fit together perfectly

Hannah Podlewska
Kaplan Recruitment Manager – Apprenticeships

How does it work?

Your vacancy will be advertised on the most relevant sourcing channels including Find an Apprenticeship, GetMyFirstJob, Not Going to Uni, CareerMap and the Kaplan website. We also proactively search for high calibre candidates using the GetMyFirstJob database and our very own database, containing over 1,000 active candidates.

How are candidates shortlisted?

Candidates are initially shortlisted against the qualifying criteria. They are scheduled for a telephone or face-to-face screening interview, where our Recruitment Team goes through a number of questions to establish the candidates’ motivation. We aim to understand their personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and what they are looking for in their next, and often first, career step. We assess whether an Apprenticeship is the right route for the applicants and ensure they have considered travel options, and go through any other candidate-specific circumstances to ensure they are successful during their Apprenticeship. We’ll then send you the screened shortlist for your review.

What makes a good candidate?

A candidate that shows intelligence and passion to succeed, but most importantly, a willingness to learn and integrate themselves in a business culture.

Recruitment factsheet

Take a more detailed look at how we'll find you a suitable candidate.

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