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Stuart Pedley-Smith

Stuart Pedley-Smith

Head of Learning at Kaplan

Stuart is a qualified accountant with an extensive career in professional education. As Kaplan’s Head of Learning, he focuses on educational strategy and best practices, fostering a supportive learning culture and helping students achieve career success.

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Stuart's articles

A woman wearing a virtual reality headset

Learning in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a complicated topic. But will it have a positive or negative impact on the way we learn? Stuart Pedley-Smith discusses the Metaverse and what we can expect.

Stuart Pedley-Smith

Learn Better series text with brain icon

What is Neurodiversity? A focus on dyslexia

We hear the term Neurodiversity often, but what does it actually mean for learners? Kaplan’s Head of Learning, Stuart Pedley-Smith talks about dyslexia and how some people will learn differently to others.

Stuart Pedley-Smith

digital display

24 - hours before the exam

Jack Bauer often only had 24 hours to save Los Angeles from a major terrorist attack. What he managed to achieve in such a short period of time was impressive, and although he suffered pain and personal injury he maximised the time he had, ...

Stuart Pedley-Smith

Stuart Pedley Smith - Kaplan's Head of Learning

How to make boring subjects, interesting

When we think something’s ‘boring’ we struggle to engage with it. With accountancy, as with any study subject, some areas are perceived as more ‘interesting’ than others. But what if we could blur the lines between boring and interesting?

Stuart Pedley-Smith

Stuart Pedley Smith - Kaplan Head of Learning

Exam resits - get back on that horse

Failing exams is a fact of life. In the exam world, we follow failure with a resit. But what should happen between failure and sitting the new exam? How can we best study for an exam we’ve already sat?

Stuart Pedley-Smith

Learn better series

Learning, self control and marshmallows

Children who demonstrate self-discipline gain higher marks in school, have better social and cognitive skills, greater self-awareness and cope with stress more easily in later life.

Stuart Pedley-Smith

Woman with headphones on, smiling at laptop

Are you new to Live Online?

It looks like attending face to face lectures is not going to be possible at least for the next few months given COVID-19. But you can still access the technology that helps us develop better ways to study remotely.

Stuart Pedley-Smith