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Discover just how interesting the world of accounting can be for you and your career.

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Why choose a career in accounting?

Always in demand

Accountants are essential to any business, from football clubs to film production, supermarkets to scientific laboratories. It’s one of those jobs that will always be needed. You can work within a company, or as a freelancer for many different businesses. And these businesses aren’t just in the UK - they’re all over the world. Accounting qualifications are globally recognised, so you can take your talents wherever you want. The choice is yours.

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Uncapped earning potential

Upon qualifying, chartered accountants are among the top earners in the UK, with an average salary of £65,000. Depending on your position and experience, potential earnings could be well over £100,000.

Not just number crunching

Accounting isn't just one job. There are many ways to specialise, so you can focus on something that really interests you. For example, if you have a good eye for detail, auditing is ideal. If you’re interested in investigation, forensic accounting might be up your street. You don’t have to worry about being “just an accountant” as there’s no such thing!

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You don’t need a degree to succeed

Yes, some accountants have degrees, but many don't. Having an accountancy degree can enable you to skip a few exams on the way to full qualification, but generally it doesn't matter whether or not you've been to university. There's nothing stopping you getting in on the ground floor with accountancy courses for beginners, and developing your skills with more advanced qualifications as and when suits you.

The world’s your oyster

Many accounting qualifications are globally recognised, so you could take your career anywhere in the world. Fancy a bit of financial management in the sun? You could head out to Dubai and grow your career there. Or if snow is more up your alley, take your love of all things tax to Alaska. Truly, accountants are needed everywhere.

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Our former students say

“Working in accountancy in the NHS involves helping patients and the public, behind the scenes. I enjoy the fact that my work helps to ensure public value for money and great patient care.”

Leanne, former student

“Ultimately what we do can help shape the course of someone's life in terms of their business and I think that's a pretty cool thing to be part of.”

Jaspreet, former student

“It is a language, and a unique way of communication and viewing the world.”

Jiho, former student

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