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CFA® Early Start

Start your studies up to three months early to give yourself more time to pass your exam.

Early Start enables you to study for longer for the difficult CFA exam. The CFA Institute says that you should study for 300 hours, and we know that it can be hard to fit that amount of study in around your work and personal life.

So we’ve introduced a package that allows you to study for three more months, starting in October rather than January. So that’s eight whole months of study before the exam. This will enable you to have better time management and a better work/life balance.

Hear from one of our students…

CFA Program student

How does it work?

Spread your hours and give yourself more time on tricky subjects. It also means that you won’t have to work so many hours in a week if you want to stick to the 300 recommended study hours.

For example, you could reduce your personal study hours from 15 per week to just nine hours per week.

Or if there is a particularly tricky subject, you have the time to dedicate more hours to it, without neglecting any other part of your studies.

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Need some help on your next steps?

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Early Start offer

Valid on all packages except Tuition only and Revision only. The discount will be applied automatically upon checkout.

Early booking discount ends 18th October 2019.