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Career Goals

Career Goals

Season Two

In our second series of Career Goal you’ll get even more insight into career journeys. We'll be speaking with industry-leading award winners, finance leaders, social media gurus, and that's just the start.

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Find out who we have on the show, what they’re talking about, and how they got into the career they’re in right now.

Kelsey Haslam

Hosted by Kelsey Haslam

With a background in journalism and content writing, as well as firsthand experience in various Kaplan UK departments, Kelsey brings a unique, open-minded perspective to the show. She asks the important questions and offers insights for those interested in specific industries or careers, but are unsure of what to expect.

Behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our latest web series.

Kelsey Haslam
Kia Commodore having her lips outlined with a lip pencil
Becky Glover talking to Kelsey Haslam
Kia Commodore talking to Kelsey Haslam
Nana Oduro
Kia Commodore talking to Kelsey Haslam

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