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Who is the course suitable for?

The ACA Certificate Day Release course provides a number of learning benefits and will suit anyone who prefers a less intense approach to their ACA studies. For example:

  • School leavers taking their first steps in their professional careers and studies
  • Employers whose work demands make it difficult to release employees for blocked periods of study
  • Learners who value a more extended period of time to complete their studies

How does it work?

Reduce the intensity of studying ACA Certificate by devoting one or two days per week to scheduled study. Learners would initially benefit from a less intense and intimidating working week and enjoy the change of scenery that a study day would provide.

The new structure provides reduced study intensity with greater consolidation time, which is more like a school leaver’s previous study experience.

Weekly study days provide a greater opportunity to use weekends to consolidate study. Traditional study methods need a greater use of evening time to study and complete testing. Those new to work can often find themselves exhausted in the evenings and the need to complete further study can impact learner well-being.

This new spaced structure affords a greater period of time over which learners can spread their study, as the first exam isn’t attempted until after at least three months of employment. A fixed routine will help learners to manage their approach to study, and the real exam, as they will have a clear understanding of what is needed at each stage of their course.

Programme structure

  • One set day study leave per week for all subjects excluding accounting, which is two days per week
  • Clearly demarcated study time
  • First professional exam taken after at least three months on programme to allow learners to adjust to the workplace and study
  • Focus on well-being and work/life balance

Study method

The course is delivered Live Online on scheduled study dates.

Live Online combines the structure of being in a traditional classroom with the flexibility of studying from home. Learners join timetabled, interactive live lectures online, and talk to tutors during the class for live feedback. During lectures the tutors set small quizzes and polls to test their knowledge as they learn.

Live Online provides school leavers with a peer network that they can be a part of throughout their course.

All subjects have scheduled revision days. These revision days will:

  • Bring consistency to course structures providing learners with a study routine
  • Help to top and tail each course, bringing together all of the topics studied over the previous weeks to get ready for the real exam
  • Help to improve exam performance

Study pathway

Below is an example pathway for a learner starting in September. Each subject doesn’t last for the entire month, but this gives you an idea of the order of study and when the exams take place.

Month Subject studied
September Accounting
October Accounting and exam
November Assurance
December Assurance exam
January Principles of Tax
February Principles of Tax exam
March Management Information
April Management Information exam
May Business, Technology and Finance or Law
June Business, Technology and Finance or Law exam
July Business, Technology and Finance or Law
August Business, Technology and Finance or Law exam

How many days of study per subject

Subject Days
Accounting 10
Assurance 4
Management Information 5
Principles of Tax 5
Law (On Demand study) 4
BTF (On Demand study) 4


Subject Course Fee ICAEW Materials UK Postage Fee Total exc VAT Total inc VAT
Accounting £945 £33 £6 £984 £1174.20
Assurance £480 £33 £6 £519 £616.20
Management Information £480 £33 £6 £519 £616.20
Principles of Tax £480 £33 £6 £519 £616.20