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ACCA Pass Guarantee

We want you to pass your exams and succeed in the next steps of your career. If you don’t get the results you were expecting and have enrolled on an eligible course, you can take advantage of our new Pass Guarantee. We’ve listened to student feedback and made it better and easier to access.

What is the Pass Guarantee?

Pass Guarantee is designed to make sure you are supported to pass your exam, no matter what.

Classroom and Live Online students can attend Tuition, Revision and Question Based Days at the next sitting at no extra cost. However, most students find that Revision and Question Based Days are enough to get them back on track.

If you originally chose Classroom, you can attend Classroom or Live Online courses. If you originally chose Live Online, you can only attend Live Online courses. If you want to do Classroom you will need to pay for this.

Student Services will be able to guide you on your next steps and the options available, to make sure you have the best chance of passing your exam.

Online Resit Course

If you have a Pass Guarantee, the online resit course, via MyKaplan, comes with all the key information and support that you need, to get you back on track. The resit course includes*:


Diagnostic Video tailored to each subject

A video on MyKaplan will help you diagnose why you failed and what steps to take next.



You can tick items on a checklist that you feel applies to you, following the information in the diagnostic video. For example: “I struggled with time management”, or” I didn’t understand the topic”.  Once each item is ticked, relevant supporting resources relating to that topic or skill will automatically appear in your ACCA resit course on MyKaplan.



A selection of questions that you won’t have seen before, giving you extra practice before you attempt the mock.


Mock Exam

Get extra practice before you re-attempt the real exam.


Extended MyKaplan access

Content for your original course will be available in your MyKaplan account for a further three months, free of charge.

Who is eligible?

You’ll be eligible** for the Pass Guarantee if you have enrolled on:

  • check
    An OnDemand course; or
  • check
    Tuition, Revision and Question Based Day for Classroom, or Live Online for the same subject and sitting; or
  • check
    A complete BT*, MA, FA, or  SBL course.

*Accountant in Business (AB) is changing its name to Business Technology (BT) from September 2020. The change better reflects the existing exam syllabus and the increasing role technology has in the accounting profession.

The Pass Guarantee is not available for Distance Learning courses.

But remember - you have to have fulfilled some important criteria to take up the Pass Guarantee.

These include:

  • check
    Having made a reasonable attempt at all programmed course assessments and mocks - but there is no longer a specific score mark required
  • check
    Attending all your lessons, online course lectures, or online modules - depending on which learning method you are doing
  • check
    Attempting the real exam
  • check
    Paying in full for the entire course.

How do I redeem a Pass Guarantee?

Simply call us on 0161 259 7400 to activate Pass Guarantee. Once your eligibility has been confirmed and you are enrolled, the resit course will appear in your MyKaplan account.

For more information please see our terms and conditions, and if you have any questions please call Student Services on 0161 259 7400.

*Strategic Business Leader (SBL) may not have all resit resources available to December 2018 due to September being the first ever exam. Please call Student Services on 0161 259 7400 for more information.

** Terms and conditions apply