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Award winning training provider

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Business FAQs

We've collated, and answered, the most common questions that we get asked about Kaplan, our qualifications and apprenticeships.

We've also included some useful induction videos and further information for businesses and employers.

1. Why Kaplan?
2. Course information
3. MyKaplan
4. Apprenticeship application
5. During your student's apprenticeship
6. Recommended pathways

Why Kaplan?

  • Why choose Kaplan to train my staff? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    The success of every learner is at the heart of our business. It drives everything we do. It's simply why we exist in the world. Working as one team, we all help to inspire our learners to succeed.

    For almost 80 years, we've helped shape the development and careers of finance professionals. We operate in over 30 countries, with strong links to the US, and have become one of the leading education providers in the world. We’ve worked with over 3 million individuals and businesses across the globe.

  • Why choose an apprenticeship with Kaplan? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Kaplan are one of the largest Apprenticeship training providers in the UK.

    We train over 10,000 apprentices every year, and 75 of the FTSE 100 companies use us for training. We have a team of over 200 qualified and expert tutors to deliver top rated courses around the country.

    We are also top rated by apprentices - rated 8th out of the top 50 Apprenticeship providers on Rate My Apprenticeship.

    Watch our video about Kaplan Apprenticeships chevron_right

  • What qualifications do you offer? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    We offer a wide range of qualifications, including:

    Accountancy - AAT, ACA (ICAEW), ACCA, CIMA

    Banking and Finance - CAIA, CFA, CISI, Excel, FRM, IMC, IOP

    Bookkeeping - AAT and ACA Bookkeeping

    Tax - ATT, CTA

    Technology and Analytics - Data Analytics, Cybersecurity for Business, New Technologies for Business

    Full list of qualifications chevron_right

  • Can Kaplan award exemptions? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    No - students need to register with the relevant awarding body prior to registering with Kaplan. If they think they may be exempt from particular modules due to prior qualifications they must apply via the awarding body directly.

  • What methods of study do Kaplan offer? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    We offer a range of study methods, as outlined below. We've provided some videos to explain each study method.


    Live Online chevron_right

    OnDemand chevron_right

    Distance Learning chevron_right

    Watch our video about the different ways to study with Kaplan chevron_right

Course information

  • Where can I locate course timetables? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    All timetables are on our website - course timetables.

  • How do my staff apply for the courses? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Your staff member will need to visit the qualification course page and apply for the course they wish to take

    Full list of courses chevron_right

  • Where can I find course fees for fee payers? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    All fees can be be found on the relevant course timetable.

    Course timetables chevron_right

  • What time do classes start/finish? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Each course has its own start and finish times that can be found in the course timetable.

    Course timetables chevron_right

  • Why don't the London ACA timetables show individual module dates like others? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Due to the high volume of classes in our London Centres, students will be provided with the module dates in their Joining Instructions, two weeks before the course starts.

  • Where are my students' materials? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Depending on where your student lives it can take anywhere between 3 to 14 working days for materials to arrive.

    Materials delivery information chevron_right

  • My staff can't attend a Live Online session, how can they catch up? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    All of our Live Online lectures are recorded, so if anyone misses one they can catch up, or re-watch classes for extra revision. The recordings can be found in their MyKaplan account, and will avaliable the next working day after the live session.

  • Where can I book an exam not offered by Kaplan? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Exams can be booked directly with the awarding body. Students must register with them before they start studing their qualification.

    Please note, all apprenticeship EPA exams need to be booked directly with Kaplan.

  • What is the Pass Guarantee and how do I know if my staff are eligable? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    For more information about the Pass Guarantee please see our terms and conditions.


  • What is MyKaplan? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    MyKaplan is a personalised online study space providing Kaplan students with everything they need to help plan and manage their learning. When they enrol on a course with Kaplan they will receive a registration email.

    Watch a video to learn more about MyKaplan chevron_right

  • My student used to be able to access their course on MyKaplan, but now it is no longer there. Why are they no longer able view their course? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    MyKaplan content expires after a certain amount of time after the course is complete, and depends on the course they have taken.

  • How can my students contact their tutor? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Students can contact their tutor via their MyKaplan account. They can also contact the dedicated Academic Support Team who are on hand to support your students.

Apprenticeship application

  • What does a student need to qualify for the Apprenticeship scheme? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Apprentices must have been in the UK more than three years to be eligible for the apprenticeship. They must also be based in the UK for 50% or more of their working hours.

  • As the employer, what costs do we cover for an apprentice? Does this include all resit exams? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Employers need to cover the cost of all exams including resits and registration fees (with the exeption of Level 2 Accounts/Finance Apprenticeship (AAT)).

    Employers also need to cover the cost of any resit EPAs. The first attempt at EPA is included.

  • Is my student still eligible even if they have a large amount of exemptions from the professional exams? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Yes, so long as they have at least 12 months of study time, with the exams they have left to complete, then they can still study for the Apprenticeship. We would look at the exemptions they have and work out a pro-rated study programme.

  • What is the Apprenticeship Levy? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    The Apprenticeship Levy is a tax that supports the government's aim of training 3 million apprentices by 2020. It was introduced in May 2017.

    More information about the Apprenticeship Levy chevron_right

  • How do I set up my levy account? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    You need to register on the apprenticeship system.

    More information on how to register for the Levy (PDF) chevron_right

  • What is a cohort and how can I open one? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    A cohort is a group of apprentices. A cohort can have one learner or 100 learners.

    Guidance how to open a cohort chevron_right

During your student's apprenticeship

  • Why are we being invoiced for exams when my student is an apprentice? And are membership fees included? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Exam and registration fees are not included as part of the apprenticeship unless the apprentice is 18 years old or younger. With the exception of the Level 2 Accounts/Finance Apprenticeship (AAT).

  • How can I get my students ULN? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Students will be able to view their ULN number via their MyKapApp once they have been fully on-boarded.

  • What is a "non starter", and can this be undone? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    A non starter is a learner who was not officially on-boarded onto the apprenticeship programme. This refers to those who did not complete the on-boarding modules or those who have been on programme less than 42 days. If a learner is made a non starter they will need to re-submit an application and start the process again.

  • What is a co-investment invoice? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Co-investment invoices are produced for clients who have exhausted their levy pot and are required to pay a contribution amount.

  • What is 20% off-the-job training? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    20% off-the-job training is the time given to complete the learning required for an Apprenticeship outside of the normal day-to-day working environment.

    Watch our video for more information chevron_right

  • What is MyKapApp? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    MyKaplanApprenticeship (MyKapApp) is the students' personal apprenticeship portal.

    Through this, they can access a range of e-learning modules on a wide range of skills and behaviours, message their Talent Coach and track progress

  • How long after my learners complete their apprenticeship before they can apply for next level? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Students can progress when they have completed the below:

    Sat all elements of their current apprenticeship EPA including exams, discussions, etc;

    Received confirmation that they have passed all elements of your apprenticeship;

    Received their Apprenticeship certificate - which in some cases can take several weeks to receive after completion.

  • How do I book my student onto a development day? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    You, or your student, can book development days. You need to complete a form which will show you what sessions are available.

    Development day booking form

  • My apprentice wants to leave the apprenticeship scheme but is not leaving the company. What are my next steps and what are the repurcussions of this? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    You need to inform Kaplan if your apprentice wants to leave the scheme. You can do this via your account manager or Client Services. We will then begin the withdrawal process. Kaplan reserves the right to charge the employer the costs of the missed EPA if they leave the apprenticeship but remain at the company. This is stated in the apprenticeship contract which all employers have to agree to before we can sign any apprentices up at the company.

  • If an apprentice leaves their job, can they continue their apprenticeship with a new employer and how long do they have to find a new job? keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_down

    Yes. Apprentices can transfer their apprenticeship over to a new employer providing the end date with the current employer and start date with the new employer is no more than 30 days. The student needs to inform their Talent Coach as soon as they have accepted a new job offer.

Recommended pathways

We provide a number of pathways by which students can complete their qualification. The pathways we offer afford our clients maximum choice and flexibility, allowing you to balance the needs of your students with the demands of workflow planning.

More information

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