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Apprenticeship Awards

Boost your recognition with Kaplan’s first ever apprenticeship awards

Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered the 2023 Awards.

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Date of ceremony

12th December, 2023

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Shangri-La, The Shard

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9 Awards

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What are the Kaplan apprenticeship awards? 

Kaplan’s first ever apprenticeship awards celebrates the success and achievements of apprentices and line managers across our accountancy and tax, banking and financial services, and data and technology programmes. 

The apprenticeship awards will be held in London, in December, celebrating our students and their line mangers and all they have achieved.

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Award categories

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Accountancy and Tax

Awarded to apprentices for using technical knowledge, skills, and experience to guide businesses and people in making ethical and sustainable financial decisions.

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Banking and Financial Services

Awarded to apprentices who have developed into proficient banking and financial services professionals, applying technical expertise and what they have learned to their current position.

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Data and Technology

Awarded to apprentices in data and technology who work efficiently to improve judgements, find new sources of income, implement tech-enabled business change initiatives.

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Apprenticeship Advocate Award

Awarded to apprentices who have had a positive impact on their community through their advocacy work. The winner of this award must have positively impacted organisations or apprentices.

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Personal Development Award

Awarded to an apprentice who has put in a lot of effort to become the best version of themselves and is constantly seeking ways to do so.

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Mentoring and Support Award

Awarded to an apprentice who has distinguished themselves as a mentor by helping others achieve their professional goals by providing moral, social, and intellectual support.

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Resilience Award

Awarded to an apprentice who has excelled in both professional and personal endeavours while overcoming difficult challenges throughout their apprenticeship, refusing to give up.

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Citizenship Award

Awarded to an apprentice contributing to the communities they live in, making our society and community a special place to live.

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Line Manager Award

Awarded to a line manager and the company they work for, for continuously supporting their apprentice and ensuring their success.

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