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ACCA apprenticeship registration

How to register for your ACCA Apprenticeship

  • Article
This short webinar focuses on all registration questions: where to sign up as an ACCA student, what documentation you need to provide, and how to pay. Register to listen now.
App briefing

2018 Apprenticeship Briefings: key points

  • Article
Over the last few weeks, Kaplan has hosted some Apprenticeship Breakfast events, with over 75 guests including employers, charities, Professional Bodies and EPAOs. We highlight 5 of the key points that came from them.

Kaplan has been recruiting and training apprentices for accounting and finance roles for 10 years.

Apprenticeships: What we've learned so far and what's in store

  • Event
It's an exciting time for employers looking to maximise Apprenticeships opportunities, but it can be a confusing sector to fully appreciate what is available and how they can work best for your organisation. Register to see our panel of experts discuss this.