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New Kaplan OnDemand courses - the best of both worlds

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Kaplan's OnDemand course is a brand new way to study CIMA - the first to fully combine the best of both structured and flexible studying. So if you find it hard to keep motivated on Distance Learning courses, but find timetabled classes don't start when you want them to, Kaplan OnDemand has a number of features that could be ideal for you. With a course that is designed around you, waiting for start dates or finding your way into a classroom becomes a thing of the past.

These features have been developed from talking to students like you. When designing the course, we asked over 600 students what they wanted most from their CIMA course to help them get the most from on demand exams.

I want flexibility, but to know there's still structure to keep me motivated.

With exams available on demand, you have greater flexibility to study when and how you want. But some students told us that they find it difficult to keep on track with no fixed exam date.

Kaplan OnDemand lets you start studying when you want, but also provides structure to help you maintain progress and go into the exam feeling confident.

  • Your tutor will introduce and explain each unit with a recorded video. Together with a thorough course programme, you'll have a suggested order in which to complete your course.
  • You'll have an integrated workbook which mirrors the tutor-led online content, allowing you to keep all your course notes in one place and track your progress.
  • At the end of each unit, you'll complete an assessment - these will gradually build on what you learn to fully prepare you for the exams.
  • You'll get regular feedback and guidance from a Kaplan tutor. Still struggling for motivation? You can request even more contact with them to pro-actively review your progress.

I want to know there's someone to speak to when I need them - not waste time waiting for a response.

When you're working to your own schedule, you don't want to have to put your studies on hold waiting for your tutor to respond. That's why we're keeping our tutor support team open longer than any other provider. You can get an instant response from a qualified Kaplan tutor through live chat, request a callback at the time of your choice or email them your questions - even on evenings and weekends.

I want high quality content that makes it easier, not harder to learn.

Students told us that the quality of learning resources was the most important factor for them in choosing a flexible course. Just because you decide to study remotely doesn't mean you should compromise on quality. With Kaplan OnDemand you'll benefit from:

  • A wide range of high quality and engaging online content, all created specifically for the OnDemand course. Created by expert tutors, a mixture of tutor-led videos, worked examples and interactive tests will help guide you through every step of the syllabus.
  • Specifically designed online resources that teach you in an efficient way and are accessible on a range of devices.
  • Official CIMA study materials - Kaplan produce the only materials written by tutors who have had specific guidance and feedback from the CIMA exam faculty.

I want lots of question practice, but in a format that's like the actual exams.

Practice questions are an important part of learning. You told us you want enough questions to go into the exam with confidence. But rather than just focusing on the total volume of questions, Kaplan OnDemand assessments are designed in a way that will help you better prepare for the exams and understand areas you still need to work on with personalised feedback. The mock exams will even look and feel like the real exams. Plus you can create your own customised tests or choose from a bank of over 600 questions, so you can focus on the areas you feel you need to practice most.

I want my tutor to motivate me and give me feedback - not a computer.

Our tutors are industry experts and subject specialists. Even though you won't meet with them face to face, it's important that you still have access to their knowledge and support. That's why with OnDemand, your tutor will be there to guide and support you at every stage.

  • Struggling to keep motivated? You can ask your tutor to check in with you regularly to make sure you're on track.
  • Got a poor result on your practice test or mock exam? Our tutors will proactively contact you to help you focus on areas for development.

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