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CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

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The new Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA) will be introduced on 11th January 2017, with exams for the current syllabus finishing the day before.

The Cert BA offers an entry route to the Professional Qualification and will be more directly linked to the three learning pillars on which the 2015 Professional syllabus is based. Additionally, the Cert BA can be completed as a stand-alone qualification, giving students a recognised certification in the fundamentals of accounting, economics, ethics, corporate governance and law.

In terms of what will be changing, the biggest difference will be the removal of the existing C03 Business Mathematics subject. Under the new syllabus there will be four subjects that will be examined:

  • Fundamentals of Business Economics
  • Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting and Fundamentals of Ethics
  • Corporate Governance and Law

The maths elements that were previously examined as part of C03 will now be spread across the other units, allowing for more business context and application of techniques.

The other subjects that are studied on the current syllabus (C01, C02, C04 and C05) will have direct equivalents on the new syllabus, and have been renamed BA1-BA4 as you can see below.

New CIMA certificate syllabus

Transitioning on to the new syllabus is simple, and from 11th January you will only be able to study on the 2017 syllabus. If you haven't completed the qualification by 10th January, any units you passed on the 2011 syllabus will be awarded as credits within the 2017 Cert BA. For example, if you have passed C01 on the 2011 syllabus then you will not need to sit BA2 on the 2017 syllabus.

If you have not completed the C03 unit, you can apply for a waiver (unless you are on a Higher Apprenticeship Programme). This will allow you to move on to the Professional Qualification as soon as you have passed all of the other four units, but this needs to be done before the 10th January 2017.

How should you prepare for the changes?

If you've nearly completed 2011 Cert BA we would recommend aiming to complete the qualification by 10th January 2017. Remember, to complete you must have passed all five exams or passed the four exams and taken the C03 waiver before that date.

If you are part way through 2011 Cert BA but don't think you'll be able to complete by 10th January 2017, we would recommend you aim to pass the exams for any units you have studied by that date. This way you won't have to sit the exam for these units under the 2017 Cert BA and can move on to your next papers.

If you haven't started studying Certificate yet but would like to you don't need to wait until 2017 Cert BA is introduced. You still have time to study for and pass an exam under the current 2011 Cert BA syllabus.

Your questions answered

We know that our students have got lots of questions surrounding the upcoming changes and we've answered some of the most common questions we're being asked below:

"I'm currently part way through my studies and don't think I'll be able to complete the qualification in time for the changes. What should I do?"
Firstly, don't panic! Transitioning to the new syllabus is very simple. Aim to have passed the exams for any units you've studied by 10th January so you'll receive a credit for the equivalent unit on 2017 Cert BA.

"If I've studied for a unit but not passed the exam what will happen after 10th January? Will I need to enrol on the course again?"
This would be up to you, but you must be aware of the context changes for each unit. Remember that what used to be tested under C03 will now be spread across the other four units, and will be particularly featured in BA1 and BA2. Kaplan students will receive full transitional guidance via their MyKaplan accounts that will enable self-study for any additional syllabus areas.

"How do I go about transferring on to the new syllabus?"
Moving on to the 2017 Cert BA is simple, and you don't need to do anything to transfer. From 11th January you'll be automatically moved on to the new syllabus, and any exams you've passed on 2011 Cert BA will be awarded as credits on 2017 Cert BA.

"Should I get the C03 waiver?"
Yes, if you haven't previously studied and passed the C03 exam then you must apply for the waiver before the 10th January 2017 to be able to complete your qualification (unless you are on a Higher Apprenticeship). The waiver and the C03 exam will not be available from 11th January 2017 onwards.

"Will the current study materials I have cover the 2017 Cert BA as well?"
Kaplan have released new official CIMA study materials for 2017 Cert BA, which are available to buy now. If you have not passed the exam on the current syllabus by 10th January and need to sit the exam on the new syllabus we would advise purchasing the new and updated materials to ensure you cover everything you need to know.

If you have any questions about 2017 Cert BA that we haven't covered here, speak to your tutor or contact our customer support team on 01908 540 069.

Kaplan will be a running a range of Certificate courses throughout the rest of 2016 to help you prepare for 2017 Cert BA. Our new 2017 Cert BA courses will be announced soon.