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Award winning training provider

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Your CIMA studies should fit around you, not your training provider

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Learning that’s built around you. It’s a simple statement but one that’s becoming more important in a world where time is precious and life’s ‘to do’ list only ever seems to get bigger. We all work harder than ever before, so finding time to study shouldn’t be hard too.

We’ve listened to feedback from students like you, to make major improvements to all of our CIMA courses, so they better match the way you sit on-demand exams.

The result – a promise that no matter which study method you choose, you’ll have the confidence, flexibility and support to pass your exams. It’s learning that’s built around you.

Instant tutor response

“I want help quickly so I can resolve issues  while they’re fresh in my mind.”

Fitting in time to study can be hard, so you want it to be as productive as possible. If you get stuck, our tutors are available to contact instantly via Live Chat, or you can email us or request a callback. We’re staying open longer too with tutors available for all CIMA students on evenings and weekends.

More practice questions

“I learn best from doing lots of practice  questions and I like knowing there are lots of resources available to learn from.”

Practice, practice, practice. Almost everyone we spoke to said they prepared for exams using question practice. You’ll have access to hundreds of questions per subject. Work through them all or create your own tests to target certain areas. And finish your preparation with up to 4 marked mock exams. You’ll get personalised feedback showing the questions you got right and wrong, with explanations for each answer.

Efficient structured approach

“It would really help me to have someone  who can steer me in the right direction so I can use my time to study effectively”

Rather than just giving you lots of extra materials, we will recommend the most effective ways to use them and how best to navigate through the syllabus. This means you can focus your study time efficiently and ensure you’ve covered off everything you need before you sit the exam.

Everything in one course

“It’s reassuring to know I have all of the resources I’ll need so I don’t need to worry about having to buy anything extra.”

Go into the exam feeling confident, knowing your complete course contains everything you need to pass. Work through tuition, revision and question practice with a range of online resources covering 100% of the syllabus. You’ll also receive printed official CIMA study materials – the only materials reviewed and approved by CIMA.

Proactive tutor support

“I’d like regular contact with my tutor so I know if I’m starting to fall behind.”

Need some extra motivation? You can request proactive tutor support at no extra cost. We’ll make regular contact with you to keep you on track and check you’re progressing at a rate you’re comfortable with.

More regular start dates

“I’d like to have more course start dates to help me plan my time better.”

Don’t wait 3 months for the next timetabled class to start. We’re putting on more Classroom and Live Online start dates, so you’ll never have to wait more than a few weeks to start a tutor-led course.

If you choose OnDemand you can choose to start whenever suits your schedule whilst still having the confidence of a structured, efficient programme to work through.

To find out more, visit our CIMA course overview page, or call our friendly customer service team on 0161 259 7400.

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