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Award winning training provider

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Student Satisfaction Survey

Student feedback is vital; it helps us improve our products and create a better service for our customers.

In 2017, we made several changes to the way we gather and act on student feedback. We hope the changes will help us to gather feedback more frequently, with quicker resolution of issues, and avoid over surveying our students.

Our approach was to split feedback into three different categories:

  • End of course survey - to capture regular course specific feedback focusing on tutors, materials and marking, as well as a general measure of satisfaction by asking students about their willingness to recommend Kaplan to a friend or colleague.
  • An annual student satisfaction survey - gather more general feedback on the student experience. This survey was redesigned in partnership with an external agency to focus on the areas most important to students and on what they need from Kaplan; what students feel we do well and where we need to improve; and how easy it is to study with Kaplan.
  • Ad Hoc surveys - allow us to focus on specific initiatives at appropriate times.

Around 4,800 students took part in our latest annual student satisfaction survey, conducted in Q4 2017, and it generated some interesting results.

What are we doing well?

Improved Net Promoter Score

We use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure the willingness of our customers to recommend our products and services to others. The scale runs from -100 to +100 and Kaplan's latest score +33.

Whilst this still leaves room for improvement, its an increase from our score of +28 in July 2017 and is strong when benchmarked against other industries and other education providers.

Did you know?

At Kaplan we have experts who work in every part of the business, to guarantee that all our courses are designed with one thing in mind – making it as easy as possible for you to succeed in your exams.

Satisfaction scores with our tutors’ expertise & knowledge and approachability & helpfulness remains high, as is satisfaction with the availability of support from tutors.

Confident, helpful & happy

Our ease of study score is 8 out of 10 and the three most common words used to describe studying with Kaplan are confident, helpful and happy, which suggests the student experience is in general a positive one.

What can we do better?

Improved our mock exam feedback

The satisfaction scores suggested we needed to improve the speed and quality of our feedback for mock exams. To rectify this, we’ve migrated all the marking that can be done via an electronic format to MyKaplan, which will improve the speed and accuracy of marking.

User Experience (UX) design to improve navigation

Navigation within our updated MyKaplan learning resource received a relatively low score and improvements to its structure have been scheduled in to be implemented following user experience and interface research planned for Q1 2018.

New SLAs

To improve satisfaction scores for the speed at how quickly we respond to non-academic queries, we’ve established Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for response to phone calls and emails, which will be reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team every month.

Win £250

The next annual satisfaction survey will take place in October 2018. If you complete the survey you'll be entered into a prize draw to win one of four £250 prizes. Keep an eye out for the survey in your inbox, complete it, and you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw.