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Award winning training provider

Award winning training provider

Excellent pass rates

Tutor support until late

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You’re guaranteed to pass ACCA with a Complete Course


Up to 32% better chance of passing

Give yourself the best chance of ACCA success when you combine Tuition, Revision and a Pre Exam Workshop (PEW).

Our Complete Courses package gives you the best, and most efficient way, of passing.

The stats prove it

For Classroom and Live Online, the Complete Courses package is made up of all the study options: Tuition, Revision and a Pre Exam Workshop (formerly Question Based Day). Giving you everything you need to be fully 'tooled up' for exam success.

Did you know?

Based on 2018 figures, those who took the Complete Course had a 21% higher pass rate than those who took Tuition and Revision, and a 32% higher than just Tuition.*

Our stats team recently looked at our ACCA results and found that those who took out all three options had a significantly improved % chance of passing – over all subjects.

This has been a consistent pattern for the past three years.

This is due to the comprehensive nature of the three pronged approach:

Tuition – Work your way through the full syllabus and focus on the key areas likely to come up in the exam.

Revision – Apply your knowledge to exam questions, learn how to structure an answer and how to understand a requirement.

PEW – Practice questions taken under exam conditions. Get personalised feedback and recorded debriefs.

The key benefits of Pre Exam Workshop

PEWs are conducted a few days before the real exam, making sure you're exam ready. The questions are exam standard - not found anywhere else in Kaplan’s study materials and completed on real computer exam software.

They structure your last few days of revision and highlight final areas of weakness to focus on.

Students really notice the benefit of seeing a complete course through from start to finish - learning the concepts in tuition, exam technique in revision and then applying their knowledge in PEWs

- Andrew Mower, Kaplan ACCA Tutor.

Guaranteed to pass

Some of our students choose to opt for just one of the methods (Tuition), this could be seen as a cost effective way to learn. But this can be short sighted.

With the Complete Course package, initially it will cost a little more, but statistically, it's proven to increase your chance of passing, and therefore less chance of incurring resit costs.

In the unlikely event that you fail and have to resit, this package includes a Pass Guarantee, meaning that you can be put through the whole process again, until you pass.

Easy to activate**

Arm yourself with the Complete Course in just a few easy steps.

Simply visit the Applied Skills and Strategic Professional pages, add the Tuition, Revision and PEW courses to your basket. Any problems call our customer services on 0161 259 7400.

*Figures based on an average taken from 2018 June sitting for F8 and P4 papers.
** The Complete Courses discount package only applies to the Applied Skills and Strategic Professional levels.