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Award winning training provider

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Is studying with an AAT training provider worth it?

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AAT, or Association of Accounting Technicians, is a great place to start your accounting qualifications, and it’s possible to study alone without any support. But let us tell you about the benefits of studying with a training provider.


By choosing to study with Kaplan, you can get expert tutor support seven days a week, and you can use Live Chat for an immediate response. We’re only happy when you succeed, so we’re here to support you all the way, no matter what.

If you’ve got questions about a tricky topic, or you need support to balance your home and study life - there’ll always be someone to help.

Expert tutors

Studying alone can work for some, but by doing so you’ll miss out on the expertise from those who have actually worked in accounting and have insider knowledge of the field.

When you study with a training provider, you receive direct teaching from tutors who know the subject and industry inside and out, and can focus your learning to areas that are likely to come up in your exams.

They’re also there to help you with areas that you might find harder, and can explain them in a way that you’ll understand and retain.

Study methods to suit your learning

With a training provider such as Kaplan, you can choose the way you study. For AAT, Kaplan offers Classroom, Live Online, OnDemand and Distance Learning.

They’re all designed to suit individual learning preferences - whether you like face-to-face learning, or to be left to work through the subjects at your own pace. No matter what, you get tutor support, online resources, and study materials as a minimum. We even have a quiz you can do to work out which study method will suit you best.

Learn with others, face-to-face or online

Depending on your study method, you’ll experience a different level of social interaction with your fellow students, but you’ll always be able to talk to them about the course.

With online learning you can chat to your classmates via chat panels and forums. You can find out what they’re struggling with, and help them out, or ask questions about areas you’re finding hard, and get the answers you need.

You can share revision hints and tips, or ways of learning tricky topics, as well as general conversation that doesn’t have to be all about accounting. Totally up to you.


Studying can be hard, and adding it to an already busy work and home life can increase your stress levels. We want to make sure you’re coping with the work level and getting the most out of your course.

There are times when we all need a little extra help and support so we have blogs and supportive information to help you at times when you need it. You can also reach out to tutors or student services for help. We want you to succeed, not struggle.

Ready to start AAT with us?

If we’ve managed to convince you that studying with a training provider is the best option, have a look at our AAT pages for more information about the course and the study methods available.