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Award winning training provider

Award winning training provider

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Our learners share their experiences studying with Kaplan and explain why they’d recommend us as a training provider.

We spoke to learners studying across a range of qualifications and study methods to understand their experience of Kaplan. Here’s what they had to say.

The tutors and talent coaches

Aaron Irons, CIMA:

“I loved the way the lectures were run, I had literally no issues whatsoever with Kaplan whilst I studied. The tutors were great and if there was ever an issue you could just drop them an email. They’d also stay 5-15 minutes after class if you needed them to.”

Apoorva Rawat, Oxford Brookes, ACCA:

“I chose Kaplan first of all because of its quality. I’d read a lot of testimonials on the web page. I also chose it because of the tutors, I found a lot of them in the approved list, provided by the University.

“My experience was pretty amazing. You wouldn't really believe it, but I actually got infected by Corona during the research stage of my assessment, and I told my Kaplan tutor that I didn't know what to do, so she said ‘let's apply for an extension’ and got it all sorted for me.

“Luckily I did get the extension, as it allowed me to submit my best work which led to me winning the Best Research Analysis Project Prize. Kaplan was a good support and guiding experience. My tutor actually adjusted a lot of things for me, such as my schedules and stuff like that. It was a very good experience.”

Tianna Oti, Accounting Apprentice:

“Talent coaches are really friendly and open to helping out in any way they can.

“I have regular catch ups with my talent coach who assesses me on my progress, gives me a training log and sets me regular targets. I’m also allowed to invite my managers along to meetings, so there's a real sense of openness between my manager and my Kaplan talent coach.

“I can also get 24 hour support because there's a number or an email you can use to contact someone. I never feel like I’m alone whilst I am studying, which I find quite comforting. So if I have a last minute question, I can just go into my KapApp and they get back to me within 24 hours.

“Finally, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in early 2020, and then got my role in September 2020. There was a lot out there to help me with my disability. I had a good relationship with one of my tutors and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have known what support I could have gotten.”

The study materials

Aaron Irons, CIMA:

“The materials, and everything that gets sent out, come in a big box. And there are revision cards and everything like that, so I definitely recommend Kaplan 100%. I had no issues whatsoever with Kaplan. It's been brilliant.”

Apoorva Rawat, Oxford Brookes, ACCA:

“All of my textbooks have always been from Kaplan. And the reason why I do not go for a competitor is because it's less detailed. With Kaplan if you study the whole textbook you know it’s coming up in the paper, so yeah I've been using Kaplan for all of my papers since F1, even right now as I am preparing for SBR.”

Tianna Oti, Accounting Apprentice:

“In terms of the resources you're given, they are very easy to navigate. The study materials I use are structured in a way that if you've never done accounting before, it's easy to use. The teachers also teach in that way.

“We've got a mini pocket book that you can take on the go, wherever you're going to study. Then we've got a big workbook, a textbook and a mark scheme. It's all really organised and tidy so it helps, because part of the problem with studying sometimes is keeping organised and that can be overwhelming. Also, there's an endless amount of resources because we get access to an online portal as well - myKaplan.”

The flexibility of study

Aaron Irons, CIMA:

“I studied Live Online. I think I mostly did the weekday sessions where it was 6-8:30pm on a Tuesday, and 6-8:30pm on Thursdays. So it was about 5 hours a week. I think the other option was to do the weekend, which is what I did on my final exam. It’s good as you have many options depending on what you need.”

Apoorva Rawat, Oxford Brookes, ACCA:

“I started studying ACCA in India, so with OnDemand I can access the resources online and study whenever I want. I just love flexibility. I avoid commitments so I love things that can be done whenever you want.”

Tianna Oti, Accounting Apprentice:

“Because of COVID I studied Live Online. With my MS, this helped as well because I wasn't able to be as mobile at times and it just helped that I could study from home and after work. Also all of the sessions are recorded and saved, so if you can't attend, you can always watch the recording back. I found them useful and I've passed all my exams, first time, so far.”


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