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You voted for us as a Top Apprentice Trainer - thank you!

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Thanks to our current apprentices, we are now one of RateMyApprenticeship's Top 50 UK Training Providers for 2019-2020. We came in 4th place and we’re so grateful to everyone who voted for us.

Listening to our customers

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We use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure the willingness of our customers to recommend our products and services to others. The scale runs from -100 to +100 and Kaplan's latest score +33. Whilst this still leaves room for improvement, i...

Apprenticeships & the Public Sector: Kaplan as an approved supplier

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Did you know that since the 12th September 2017 Kaplan is approved as an official Crown Supplier of Accountancy and Tax Apprenticeships? This means that any Public Sector organisation can use Kaplan for Finance Apprenticeship training witho...

Awards & Accreditations