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Modern learning

Modern Accountancy Training: Technology & the Science of Learning

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It’s hard to imagine, but back at the turn of the century, many financial institutions were gripped by the fear that as the clock struck midnight, the so-called ”millennium bug” would reap its toll. It was predicted to affect not only finan...
The growth of accountancy

The Growth and Consolidation of Accountancy Training

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The period from the 1970’s to the turn of the millennium was pivotal when looking at the development of accountancy training in the UK. Training became more accessible, and the development of the industry, as we know it today, really began...
Origins of accountancy

The Origins of Accountancy Training in the UK

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In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution caused a surge in trade and an increasing demand for better and more accurate financial information. Keeping track of what one had sold, and at what price became essential. The accountancy pro...

Kaplan Heritage: An Interview With Current Student, Vivi Sargioti

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Here we speak to current CIMA student, Vivi Sargioti, who is sharing her ambition and enthusiasm with us. I am currently studying CIMA, the P3 exams - it’s a case study. I’ve studied business administration before; I have an MBA degree. ...

Kaplan Heritage: An Interview With Apprentice, Sally Fisher

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In this interview we speak to Sally Fisher who is studying an Accountancy Apprenticeship and works at Whittingham Riddell LLP. She is sharing her learning experience and aspirations. I studied AAT, levels 3 and 4 through apprenticeship, at...