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Do your managers have what it takes?

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Following the recent success of this event in London, we are bringing our Management Development taster session to Birmingham. This morning event will illustrate how we develop managers – so expect business simulations, practical case stud...
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How commercially astute are your people?

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Does your company use a commercial assessment, that aligns the strategy of the business to the development of your employees? Leaders must ensure that their people understand the importance of the bigger commercial picture and realise the co...
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First Time Managers: Getting to Know the Unknown

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Having been in L&D for the last 20 years, I recently came up against possibly my biggest challenge to date. I have a teenage son who will shortly be sitting his GCSE in maths and given my slightly dubious affinity with numbers as a result o...

Kaplan's Leadership and Professional Development programmes enhance the technical competence and behavioural confidence of your people at all levels of the business.

5 Reasons Not to Fear 360 Assessments

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Thirty-four percent of Millennials have cried after a performance review, 47 percent have looked for another job, and 30 percent say they’ve quit outright. Despite this, many of the leaders and managers I have worked with are downright terri...

New Hires and Graduates: Turning Risk into Return

  • Webinar
A costly business has just become more expensive. We need to reconsider the recruitment and on-boarding process, to ensure the offer meets expectation, and that on-boarding keeps the new hire enthused and focused. Failure to consider this ...