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5 Reasons Not to Fear 360 Assessments

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Thirty-four percent of Millennials have cried after a performance review, 47 percent have looked for another job, and 30 percent say they’ve quit outright. Despite this, many of the leaders and managers I have worked with are downright terri...
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Event: Do your managers have what it takes?

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The First time manager: gets the best out of themselves, gets the best out of others and makes the right decisions for the business. This is what organisations need managers to be, but they are often not. Being a manager isn’t easy and for...
Graduates and new hires

New Hires and Graduates: Turning Risk into Return

  • Webinar
A costly business has just become more expensive. We need to reconsider the recruitment and on-boarding process, to ensure the offer meets expectation, and that on-boarding keeps the new hire enthused and focused. Failure to consider this ...

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Are you losing too much new talent?

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As we progress through 2017, HR and recruiting professionals are currently relishing/ grappling/ dreading (or all three) the impending graduate recruitment season. It is a costly business: in 2014 UK companies spent over £900m to attract t...

Intelligent Risk-Taking Can Unlock Your Business’s Potential

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As we approach the 170th birthday of Thomas Edison this February, how can we not acknowledge him as the father of intelligent risk-taking? After all, Edison summed things up quite well after numerous failed attempts on the electric light b...