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Creative Disruption: Innovation through Intrapreneurship

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In a traditional team, everyone knows their job and what’s expected of them. This is certainly true of the pit crew of a Formula 1 car team, for example. However, for the team charged with innovating and eliciting change in a fast moving an...
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How to win the engagement and retention battle

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Losing the battle on employee engagement and retention is the surest road to business failure. Employee turnover not only undermines long-term client relationships, but replacing employees can also get very costly—generally 20 percent of an…
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Are you losing too much new talent?

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As we progress through 2017, HR and recruiting professionals are currently relishing/ grappling/ dreading (or all three) the impending graduate recruitment season. It is a costly business: in 2014 UK companies spent over £900m to attract t...

Kaplan's Leadership and Professional Development programmes enhance the technical competence and behavioural confidence of your people at all levels of the business.

ACCA and Kaplan sign partnership agreement

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ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has partnered with leading education and training provider Kaplan to offer ACCA client firms a comprehensive range of leadership and development programmes. According to Mark Cornell,...

Invisible isn’t investable

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For close to a decade, learning and development professionals have been making inroads to get a proverbial seat at the corporate leadership table. Numerous articles have been written on this topic, about how learning practitioners can be…