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First Point of Contact: Talent Coach Interview

  • Video
Kaplan's talent coaches provide a first point of contact, regardless of the query. Watch this introduction to see the kind of support that is provided.
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Why You Should Take On An Apprentice

  • Video
Have you thought about taking on an apprentice, but never quite made the decision? In this short clip we show how they can make a positive impact.

Apprenticeship video Q&A: Can a graduate do an Apprenticeship?

  • Video
With the new eligibility rules, it is now possible for graduates to do an apprenticeship. Watch our video Q&A to find out about: The new eligibility rules How do you define ‘substantial’? Who determines if the fit is significantly different? Sh...

Apprenticeship video Q&A: 20% Off The Job training

  • Video
How can the requirements for 20% off the job training in apprenticeship work in practice? Watch our video Q&A to find out about: Does 20% mean one day a week at college? Can you still use evening and weekend courses? Does all the training need...