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Sign up above and experience what it’s like to study in one of our classrooms. You’ll watch a short video describing what our classroom course are like, followed by some online OnDemand content to work through. All of our classroom courses include OnDemand content to enhance your in-house learning, so it’s a great way to see what you’ll get with the full course.

Finally, if you have any questions for your local centre, or want to arrange a visit, you can contact our friendly support team at the end of the demo.

What you’ll get in the demo

In our classroom demo, you’ll get:

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    Tutor-led videos with multiple-choice practice questions.
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    The accompanying chapters from the study text, which supports the online learning, and access to an integrated workbook.
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    All content is taken from ‘CIMA E1 - Organisational Management’.

There’s no time limit to the demo, and you don’t need any prior accountancy knowledge to understand the demo materials.