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As an educator we have a responsibility to ensure we raise awareness of all aspects of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).

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How we raise awareness

  • ESG is included in the syllabi of many of our qualifications for learners and as part of the citizenship aspect of our apprenticeships.
  • We provide information and guidance to learners on living sustainably via our microsite that includes information on food waste, fast fashion, links to the nearest free tap water, and how to minimise energy usage.
  • We promote sustainable living and working within our centres. Information about our environmental responsibilities. 
  • We inspire learners to participate in ESG initiatives through expert speaker webinars and promotion of ESG activities.
  • We also provide formal ESG training to our clients. Why finance professionals need Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) skills. 
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ESG courses

We offer ESG in-house short courses designed for practitioners working in investment roles who want to get up to speed with ESG investing, and understand its application and what success can look like. It’s ideal if you and your organisation are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We offer this course via online learning or in-house training.

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Our other social responsibilities