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Equality, diversity, and inclusion

Our mission is deep rooted in providing a level playing field, and equal access, to education and opportunities for advancement, to people of all backgrounds.

We believe equality, diversity, and inclusion - of culture, experiences, and perspectives - are paramount to creating success and opportunity in an ever-changing world. As an educator, partner, and employer, we are committed to promoting a world in which diverse talent can equally develop, advance and thrive.

Every learner, every success, matters to us.

Founded on the principles of education for all, we’re here to make a difference to every learner. We believe that everyone with the passion and determination to succeed, regardless of ethnic origin, age, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or disability, should be given the opportunity and support to reach their goals.

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion

Our values (Act with Integrity, Grow Knowledge, Empower and Support, Create Opportunity, Drive Results Together) have shaped our ambition: to create an equal opportunity for a successful career for every learner, every candidate, and every employee.

We acknowledge that inequality, discrimination, prejudice and bias exist in our society, and that no individual or organisation - including Kaplan - is without biases. We are committed to ensuring that our leaders, managers and employees contribute to the prevention of discrimination and actively embrace the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) by embedding them in our interactions with our learners, candidates, colleagues and partners.

For more detailed information, please read our 2022/23 Learner EDI report (PDF 1.01MB)

How we’ve set ourselves up to succeed

  1. Executive Leadership are responsible for delivering our EDI vision.
  2. Several teams are responsible for analysis and delivering our EDI strategies. These teams are the Candidate EDI Steering Group, Learner EDI Steering Group and Working Party, Brighter Future Opportunity Team, and the Employee EDI Steering Group.

    Employee Advisory groups also share their Kaplan experiences, insights and recommendations directly with the Employee EDI Steering Group on a regular basis.

  3. The Assessment Leadership Team and Education Leadership Team are responsible for leading delivery of our EDI Initiatives.
  4. The Senior Management Team is responsible for delivering our EDI initiatives.

Our student code of conduct sets out how we create a study environment for our learners and staff that is safe and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

For those with specific learning needs or disabilities we have a range of support in place which you can find on our accessibility page.

During our induction process, all new learners are introduced to our fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Our apprentices are encouraged to build upon their understanding of these values through discussions with their Talent Coaches.

Our Learner EDI Policy (PDF 82K)

We produce most of our own learning materials. Our statement of principles sets out our approach to ensuring they reflect the diversity of our learners.

Our Statement of Principles - Linguistic Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Supporting our communities to help level the playing field

Within our communities, we support a number of initiatives to help increase the opportunities people have to reach their potential

Examples of initiatives we have supported:

  • Promoting apprenticeship diversity and inclusion as sponsors of the BAME apprenticeship awards and are registered BAME apprenticeship alliance 'change makers'
  • Working with Mindset Pro to provide ongoing mental health training and support for our staff and to deliver seminars and 1:1 coaching for our learners
  • Supporting the work of New Gen Accountants
  • Being proud to be a disability confident employer

Supporting our employees

We have worked on a number of projects to ensure all our staff have access to support throughout their time with us.

    Examples of projects we have worked on:

  • Rolled out Inclusive Leadership training to all our managers
  • Created Diversity and Inclusion training for all employees
  • Upgraded the templates for our annual salary reviews so they show managers the impact their proposed increases will have on our gender pay gap
  • Created an anti-racism resource library, built from employee-sourced content
  • Invited employees to speak directly with our CEO and HR director about internal progression for colleagues from ethnic minorities, and black colleagues in particular
  • Launched an initiative to boost the development and progression opportunities of our colleagues from all BAME backgrounds
  • Launched a new intranet platform with social capability, which has provided a place for employees to make suggestions and form communities
  • Evolved our vision statement and company goals to make our EDI commitments clearer
  • Introduced major upgrades to our EDI data analysis

For more information on the benefits of being diverse, please read EDI in the workplace (PDF 2.59MB)

How can we help?

At Kaplan, we aim to provide an environment which embraces diversity and promotes equality and inclusion to make Kaplan a great place where everyone can succeed. If you have a query that relates to equality, diversity and inclusion either prior to or during your studies with Kaplan please email us:

We aim to respond within two working days.

For any complaints which are not related to EDI, we recommend raising the issue informally with a member of staff you feel comfortable with. The vast majority of complaints can be resolved at this stage. If you don't have access to a member of staff who you feel comfortable with, please contact us at, or to raise a complaint email

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