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Your rights

We believe peoples’ rights should be protected, whether those are basic human rights or consumer rights.

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Human rights

The UN issues guiding principles regarding human rights. We consider these for ourselves, our suppliers, and our community:

  • Privacy We ensure that we comply with GDPR rules and principles at all times, to make sure that we comply with your right to privacy. We have privacy policies in place for our learners and exam candidates.
  • Equality We were founded over 80 years ago on the principle of education for all, and apply this to all aspects of what we do and how we operate. We ensure that everyone has access to our education provision, and help those who need additional support.
  • Rights of rest and leisure, and a safe working environment Our Health and Safety policy covers our employees’ right to work in an environment that is safe from danger, and we ensure best practice at all times.
  • Fair pay Our Compensation policy has been created in line with our shared values (Act with Integrity, Grow Knowledge, Empower and Support, Create Opportunity, Drive Results Together). We seek to pay people fairly and equally for the work they do, and ensure that those most directly accountable for revenue generation, or for the performance of our organisation, are appropriately incentivised to create success for us all.
  • Freedom of thought and opinion We encourage both our employees and our students to share their thoughts and opinions. We encourage our employees to speak up in a number of ways. We also ask learners for feedback on a regular basis, run an annual survey and often run pilots and working groups to ensure we are meeting our learners’ needs.
  • Protection from forced labour and prevention of trafficking and slavery Our Modern Slavery statement outlines Kaplan’s standards to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity, are working under their own free will, and are being properly compensated for their effort.

Consumer rights

Our Terms and Conditions explain who we are, how we provide courses, how our Terms and Conditions can be amended, what to do if there is a problem, and other important information. These are reviewed regularly to ensure that they always reflect your current consumer rights.

Our other social responsibilities