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ESG and sustainability

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Webinar: The 7 Sins of ESG Reporting

We recently held a webinar with Financial Training Consultant, Mike Sarwar, who spoke all about ESG reporting and how this impacts an organisation.


Zach Stein

How climate change links to the finance sector

In this episode of our Learn Better Podcast, host Stuart Pedley Smith, Head of Learning at Kaplan, discusses the importance of the climate change issue and how this links to the finance sector.


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Careers in ESG Investing

Are you interested in making a difference with your career while also earning a good living? If so, you may want to consider ESG investing.


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What is ESG?

Looking to advance your career? The CFA Institute’s Certificate in ESG Investing will provide you with the knowledge to apply environmental, social, and governance factors to investment decisions.


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Kaplan’s marketing team help a charity

Kaplan employees are entitled to a couple of voluntary days, and earlier this month a group from our talented team drew on their marketing skills to help make a difference.