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Career Goals

Career Goals

Season One

Welcome to our Career Goals web series that includes a diverse range of guests from various careers.

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At Kaplan we believe in empowering every learner to succeed and achieve their goals.

We aim to break stereotypes, uncover truths, and give you an inside look into different industries. Whether you’re interested in data and technology, accounting and tax, or banking and finance, Career Goals will inspire you to make informed career choices that are right for you.

Kelsey Haslam

Hosted by Kelsey Haslam

With a background in journalism and content writing, as well as firsthand experience in various Kaplan UK departments, Kelsey brings a unique, open-minded perspective to the show. She asks the important questions and offers insights for those interested in specific industries or careers, but are unsure of what to expect.

Behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of season one.

Kathy Walton sitting and talking with Kelsey Haslam
Laiba Baig giving a thumbs up gesture with both hands
Asia Sharif sitting and talking with Kelsey Haslam
Devamsha Gunput sitting down
Dave Hanby sitting and laughing with Kelsey Haslam
Kelsey Haslam sitting down with a Career Goals card

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