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Digital transformation is changing the way that organisations do business, no matter what their size or sector. It has created and accelerated a significant gap in the skills needed to succeed in the digital world, challenging organisations to upskill and retrain existing staff, and for those looking to get ahead in their careers, to prepare for a technology based future.

Essential skills and training for all

Many organisations are rapidly embracing the significant advancements in digital technology, such as automation, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), to change the way they do business, and to drive improvements in efficiency and overall performance.

Many job roles, and the skills needed to perform them, are changing. Whether existing roles are evolving or new specialist roles are created, the current and future workforce needs access to new digital skills through education and retraining that’s developed in conjunction with the needs of the business.

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How is the digital skills shortage impacting organisations?

Digital skills shortage chart Digital skills shortage chart

Source: Bridging the digital divide, 2019; The OU

What the future holds

By 2025, new jobs will emerge and others will be displaced by a shift in the division of labour between humans and machines. According to the Future of Jobs Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum, there will be a growing demand for digital specialists, data analysts, automation specialists and those involved in AI and the Internet of Things, to name just a few.

Sadly there will be less demand for admin and data entry roles, accountants, bookkeepers, factory workers - essentially any role that could be automated.

And it’s not just for the specialists. Digital skills are essential entry requirements for two-thirds of UK Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) roles which account for 82%* of online job vacancies.

*Source: Report commissioned in 2019 by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

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Programmes to bridge the digital skills gap

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Digital and IT Apprenticeships

Kaplan has launched three new Apprenticeships to enable new or existing staff to become skilled as a Data Technician, Data Analyst or Business Analyst.

View Apprenticeships

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ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate Programme

A highly practical and applied programme, specifically tailored for finance professionals working in decision support, audit and assurance roles. There are two learning pathways: Analyst and Management.

View Data Analytics

Cybersecurity for Business

Get an understanding of the vulnerabilities your organisation may have in regards to cybersecurity, and how to overcome them, with this flexible online course.

View Cybersecurity

New Technologies for Business
New Technologies for Business

Equip yourself with a good understanding of a range of new and emerging technologies and what the implications and opportunities may be for your business operating in a digital world.

View New Technologies

Kaplan and Digital and IT learning

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    Over 20 years' experience in digital and IT learning

    Delivering digital and IT learning across the global Kaplan group of companies, including Kaplan IT Learning, Metis, Cybervista & Dublin Business School. We’re now bringing this expertise, experience and specialist content into the UK.

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    Best of the best learning content

    We’re uniquely positioned to feature the best learning content and labs from a variety of specialists within and external to Kaplan, including industry leading organisations such as British Computer Society (BCS), The Chartered Institute for IT, Microsoft and CompTIA.

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    Specialist IT tutors and subject matter experts

    Our dedicated team of digital specialist content authors, tutors and digital apprenticeship talent coaches are experienced in working in industry and also within education.

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    Real-world application

    Learners become more productive and add value to their organisation early in the process. Our digital programmes are practical and directly connected to job roles, enabling learners to demonstrate their increased skills, understanding and improved capabilities in the role.

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    IT sector experience in apprenticeships

    Our apprenticeship programmes have been developed and designed by experts with over 50 years combined experience, having either led or worked in organisations within the digital & IT sector.

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